a camp in Turkey Rostov lost in the test match Khabarovsk club SKA-Energia.

At the gathering in Turkey "Rostov" lost in the test match Khabarovsk club "SKA-Energia". The first fifteen minutes had gone to the same game with a slight territorial advantage Rostovites. In the middle of the half two polumoment created the yellow-blue. First Akhmetovich almost closed the transfer Andjelkovic, then Gatskan long-range shot made manifest Kabanov goalie masterstvo.Pered the break could Semochko who moved to the left midfield position, made a good canopy on Lebedenco, but he struck the goalie. During the break, Oleg Dolmatov made four substitutions: Khoteyev replaced Gerus, Zivanovic — Lengyel, Zivko — Semochko, Akimov — Akhmetovich. Already in the debut of the second half for handball Zivanovic was awarded a penalty from which Khabarovsk opened the account. With 60 minutes played Astafeva replaced Kuznetsov, who immediately created a moment for Gatskana — Alexander shot just over the crossbar. In the period from 65 to 75 minutes Rostov created three chances to score, but Lebedenco, Akimov and Kulchiy could not bring a competitive advantage in at least one goal scored. We should also mention a great game goalie Far East. The ending of the match was held in the continuous attacks of southerners, but even the score and failed. "Rostov" — "SKA-Energia" (Khabarovsk) — 0:1 (0:0). Goal: 47 — Penalty — 0:1. "Rostov": Gerus (Khoteyev, 46), Circassian, Rozhkov, Lengyel (Zivanovic, 46), Semochko (Zivko) Astafev (Kuznetsov, 60), Gatskan, Kulchiy, Andjelkovic, Lebedenco, Akhmetovich (Akimov, 46). February 28. Belek.

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