A glass a day or two : Experts have created a video on what to expect in the future

February 14, 2012 9:16

Create or modify their environment, to manage all systems and appliances and even cars can make is not getting up.
Predict how different our lives are just a year or two, every day becomes more and more difficult, because every day in our life are more and more new products, the existence of which we previously had no idea. Due to the rapid development of electronics and other technology in our time is almost impossible to assume, what of the technologies will play a key role in our daily lives. However, the company Corning have a point of view on this matter.

Its experts and presented in stunning new video, "The Glass Day 2 / A Day Made of Glass 2."

Representatives of the company Corning reported that the video "The Glass Day / A Day Made of Glass», which was released last year, struck the imagination of so many people, what symbolizes counter display video service YouTube. "Glass Day 2" is a kind of continuation of the first part of that showcase new ideas, new perspectives, born changes and development of new technologies over the past year, says dailytechinfo.org.
This "Glass Day 2" is the idea that the key role of the main gadget in our future life will play a tablet computer, made, of course, made of transparent glass. It will store the "keys" to the apartment, a car. The screen of the computer can be transferred to any intellectual surface on a wall screen or window display, for example. With the tablet you can control everything and everyone, from the transparency of car windows and finishing the operation of the "smart home".
But this is only the "flowers." With intelligent glass environment can easily create or modify their environment in the workplace, in your home, and even beyond. Probably, many now think that the glass screens and surfaces are easy to get dirty from touching them with your hands, and therefore, this approach is not quite correct. This experts have taken into account. After all glass "new generation" of which will be made, these screens will have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, ensuring the creation of an electronic "paradise", free of germs and diseases.

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