A resident of Utah claims to have found fossilized head of Bigfoot


A resident of Utah claims to have found fossilized skull of the Sasquatch, which he brought to the editor of the local newspaper to show reporters. According to Todd May of the town of Ogden, he met before a few snowmen and presents might look like fossilized skull of the creature.

"I track down the snow people," says May. "I am very interested in this phenomenon, and now I want to shoot it on film, because I've met a couple of times yetis."

May not the first person who claims the discovery of evidence of the existence of Bigfoot — some witnesses already available to the public being blurred photo, video or even the whole body. It should be noted that none of the earlier findings science has not been validated. Journalists sent a photo of Ogden finds May's expert, paleontologist, who said that, in his opinion, it is not a fossil, "This is just a very fancy piece of stone, hewn weather."

The final results of the study are not yet known, but is likely, Todd May was the victim of a phenomenon pareydolii — when the observer sees the human faces in inanimate objects.

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