A sign of the end times is seen in the skies over Mexico

February 2, 2012 17:56

Sun over the Mexican town of Durango suddenly went dark on January 31.

Day.Az reports with reference to Milli.Az, according to «Scientist», scientists can not explain the phenomenon, hast itself in the sky over the Mexican town.

According to the source, as light faded, there were clouds in the sky, because of which came out heavenly body orange-yellow color, reminiscent of the sun. Soon the clouds disappeared and the sun re-appeared in the sky.

According to astronomer Jesús García, according to the ancient Mayan calendar at the end of the first month of 2012, "from heaven to earth the light will come from the eye of the God of gods." Day, when it does, according to the beliefs of the ancient Maya, becomes a sign of the end times.

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