A sky India 50

Completed delivery to India three aircraft airborne patrol, detection and guidance of A-50EI (similar to the U.S. AWACS). Indian partners are very pleased with the plane, and FSUE "Rosoboronexport" expects new orders from Delhi to these machines.

"The third plane A-50EI raised in India and now runs the final stage of acceptance. Indian side expressed interest in such aircraft, and we expect additional applications for them ", — quotes the director general of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaikina Interfax-AVN.

According to experts, the Russian A-50E in terms of allocation purposes against the earth's surface, as well as the range of information transmitted exceeds U.S. plane E-3A AWACS.

A-50E is used for Air Controllers for air, land and sea targets. Is able to detect the bombers at a distance of up to 650 km, the fighters — 300 km, cruise missiles — 215 km, land targets — 250 km, sea — to the radio horizon. Can track up to 300 aerial targets.

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