A survivor told the flight engineer, soared as the Yak-42

A survivor told the flight engineer, flew as the Yak-42In time Acceleration of the Yak-42 that crashed near Yaroslavl on September 7, it was not clear brake is depressed or not. This was stated by the sole survivor of the crash flight engineer Alexander Sizov, in his own first post-crash interview, "First Channel".

"I did not realize the brakes when accelerating or not. If braking was sharp, I'd felt it, and if the brake was pressed smoothly, there is no" — quoted by ITAR-TASS flight engineer.

Yet, according to Sizov, in time aircraft acceleration, it became clear that things are not going according to plan. "After a while, the passengers began to worry about, why not take off. A little time passed and I realized that we were going on the ground," — told flight engineer. "On the ground took off, and I realized that collapses plane, and at the moment we are going to crash, "- he says.

Earlier investigation led to the main version of the catastrophe: techno fault plane and pilot error. In the investigation of the disaster on October 10 test pilots in Zhukovsky spent the first full-scale experiment in order to play the actual actions of the crew in an emergency flight.

Plane Yak-42 with a hockey team "Lokomotiv", heading to Belarus for the match with Minsk "Dynamo". On board were 45 people. After a disaster, survived only flight engineer. Investigation into the crash continues.

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