A young dolphin brought relatives to safety

February 5, 2013 22:24

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Last Saturday, a flock of dolphins from 100 to 150 individuals swam in shallow water off the southern coast of Australia, and could run aground. One animal had already died, when people flock found.

In order to help the dolphins caught young professionals and individual animal was taken to the depth. From there, the dolphin began to signal their brethren to those following him, according to Agence France Presse. One by one the dolphins swam into the depths. By Sunday morning the whole pack came out in the open ocean.

In November 2012 on the coast of King Island, part of the Australian state of Tasmania, jumped 13 bottlenose dolphins. The next day on the banks of the neighboring island, called New Year, were found 44 whales and 38 dolphins. The volunteers and rescuers worked for several days without a break, to return the animals to the ocean. Managed to save a total of 23 dolphin and whale.

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