Abakan CHP has established a record production of electricity

On the Abakan CHP Group "Siberian Generating Company" summed up the work in 2012. Annual electricity generation capacity in the Company exceeded the 1.74 billion kWh. The result achieved — the highest in thirty years of the station.

It is worth noting that the previous record was set in the previous year: by January 2012 electricity generation plant generating capacity amounted to 1.626 billion kWh. The current record achievement — the fourth in a row since 2008, when the Energy Abakan CHP for the first time broke the mark of a half billion kWh. Stable growth of productivity in the largest thermal power plant Khakassia shows, on the one hand, the high professional level of technical and management personnel, and the other — on the annual increase consumption of electricity in the region.

Heat production Abakan CHP during the past year exceeded 1, 504 million Gcal, which generally corresponds to the planned targets. Heat supply to consumers carried out smoothly, and the parameters of the flow temperature and pressure in the main pipeline match the weather conditions. Quality work Abakan CHP power engineers on the basis of the 2011-2012 heating season. was awarded a letter of thanks the head of administration of Abakan Nicholas Bulakin.

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