Abnormal frosts come to Tomsk in early next week

 Abnormally cold weather with minimum temperatures down to minus 30-35 degrees is expected in the Tomsk region of 10 to 14 December, reported the regional emergencies department.

On Friday, the temperature in Tomsk dropped to 10 degrees below zero.

"According FSBI" Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, "with 10 to 14 December is expected to abnormally cold weather with minimum temperature of minus 30-37 degrees," — said in a statement.

Therefore MOE warns of a possible emergency incidents. All these basic services recommended a set of preventive measures. The public are advised to observe personal safety measures.

Earlier, the Department of Education recommended Tomsk students restrict attendance during strong frosts. For example, students in grades 1-4 are released from classes at minus 28 degrees, students grades 5-8 — at minus 32 degrees, 9-11 classes can not go to school at minus 36 degrees.

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