About 100 hectares of grass burned in a fire in the Volgograd region

Large wildfires occurred in Serafimovichskogo region Volgograd region: burned 100 hectares of vegetation, told RIA Novosti Russia GUMCHS the area.

Notice of grass fires came from an eyewitness at 11.30 MSK Monday. Vegetation burned about 3 km from the village of Swan and 8 km from the village Chernopolyansky.

"By 6.30 MSK Tuesday's fire is localized to the area of 100 hectares. Currently under pouring area, eliminating the fire was not yet", — said the source.

Fire put out 151 people, including 63 from the MOE, and 54 pieces of equipment. The police report that in extinguishing the fire involved the combined force of the police GUMVD Russia in the region of 150 people.

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