Academic Bridge in Irkutsk: photo


In early December of last year I wrote about the beginning of the movement on the fourth stage, the Academy Bridge, with the delivery of the last line ended with a long history of its construction. A landmark event for the city still remain without attention of the media and the authorities, took place without the traditional opening for such objects red ribbon cutting ceremony, so take the initiative to fill the information vacuum is a small photo. Proposals for the construction of a third bridge across the Angara appeared in the late 80's, began to build a new bridge in the early 90s and in 1999, but funds for its completion was not. Modern construction was resumed only in 2006, the year. The result — a bridge with all interchanges commissioned by the Irkutsk standards it is quite a major transport hub.

Let's start with the examination of the end of the fourth stage, there st. Piskunov comes to the surface.


Here, suddenly come to an end all bridge confusing crossroads junction. There are plans to extend this out to the airport, built 3 km. the track. The project is very attractive, with its implementation across the city will speed route to the airport.


Part of the street Piskunov submerged under the ground, nowadays there are two overpasses. Now we are on an overpass Baikalskaya street.



The next overpass on ul.Sedova.


You can see both the overpass.


Ul.Sedova area.


Street Sedov also part of the junctions of the bridge, a 3 launch complex. Until recently, it was a small street, asphalt and more like a primer. With the advent of good road itself has changed district, had to paint the house, because now they see thousands of people.


Laid under the street to the best of crap transition.



The joint 2 and 3 queue.




This site has turned the most dynamic.




The track moves on to the Angara.




Already seen Angara.


After the turning bridge.


Under the bridge tunnel vision for the children's railway.



In front of the bridge to overcome another overpass through the street. July 3, it is also built from scratch.




That's the last junction, before there was a "bug-infested".


On the mound seen 130 block. Right to left: mass of musical theater, beneath children's art center of "Russian Railways", the left built SEC "Quarter" on itself Irkutsk Sloboda and Holy Cross Church.


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