Administration of Omsk region buys two passenger ships in Kostroma

Passenger Jet boat type KS-110-32. Products of JSC "Kostroma Marine Engineering Works".

Omsk authorities acquire two boats to transport passengers in the northern parts of the region, which will operate on the route: Small Beach — Kaisa — Large Beach. On this April 9, 2013at the press conference said Deputy Minister of Construction, Transportation and Housing complex in Omsk region, Igor kvass.

By the beginning of the navigation area will serve under a contract boat "Dawn" Omsk river navigation. By the middle of summer in the Omsk region will deliver two new boats from Kostroma (when the ice will come down on the Volga River, boats will be tested on the water).

New boats built in Kostroma, will be named "Ebargul" and "Skorodumov." These names were selected by the Ministry of Construction jointly conducted with the Ust-Ishim district survey of residents.

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