Admiralty Shipyards produced rugged submarine Novorossiysk

St. Petersburg, February 15

 JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" completed the fabrication of the pressure hull sections of the submarine project 636.3. The first in a series of submarine, dubbed the "Novorossiysk", being built for the Russian Navy, and will be part of the Black Sea Fleet in 2014.

Construction of the submarine project is upgraded in accordance with the schedule. Now is the formation of blocks of the future submarine — making sections of the outer hull. Shop shipyard slipways are working to saturate feed unit, hydraulic test is scheduled for May of this year. In the slip way form the bow shop and medium units by the end of February will be complete saturation of the internals of their designs.

Pressure testing of both units will be held in July-August 2012. Docking of all units will be held in 2013.

The submarine "Novorossiysk" founded in August 2010 and is one of the most modern versions of diesel-electric submarines (DES) of the third-generation 636 project. Its construction was the beginning of a long-term plan of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to restore alertness Black Sea Fleet.

The new submarine has a higher compared with previous projects, the combat effectiveness of the optimal combination of acoustic stealth and target detection range, advanced inertial navigation system and an automated information management system that will provide a global priority of ships of this class of non-nuclear submarines. Admiralty Shipyards is a leader in the construction of submarines of this class and in 1983 successfully supplying them for export.

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