Advisor Grybauskaite: Visit to Minsk — not support Lukashenko

Good bilateral relations between Lithuania and Belarus should benefit not only Europe but also Russia, says adviser to President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite Laurynas Yonavichyus, reports According to him, Grybauskaite's visit to Belarus, which took place last week, in any case can not be considered as evidence of support before the election of Alexander Lukashenko. The President of Lithuania went to Belarus, because next year, Lithuania takes over the leadership of the OSCE.

"We take over the chairmanship of the OSCE next year, this visit was essentially devoted to this basic goal — to convey Belarus, its head, the news of our expectations, the expectations of the OSCE, the European countries in connection with the free, democratic and open elections. Elections — this is an important criterion, in general, in the evaluation of future relations between the EU and all countries Europe and Belarus. So this is a common position of the European countries, Lithuania just did what had "- Said the visit of presidential adviser in an interview with radio station Ziniu radijas.

Yonavichyus rejected claims that his visit allegedly Grybauskaite expressed political support for Lukashenko.

"The President of Belarus support in the election is not needed, he feels very confident. Additionally, called for a transparent, democratic and open elections may be made only before the election. As the saying goes, after a fight with his fists do not wave, so it would be illogical to go after the elections and pass this news post factum ", — he said.

Summing up the visit of Lithuania, Yonavichyus drew attention to the good bilateral relations, which be the main goal.

"In my understanding, good relations between Lithuania and Belarus — is the main objective of common interest, and when they are good, it will benefit both Europe and Russia. It is such a simple score. Our goal — to have good bilateral relations, First of all, with Belarus, in this case, "- said the adviser to the president.

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