Adyghe Mammoth awaits reconstruction

February 10, 2013 22:06

Miraculously preserved mammoth skeleton was found by archaeologists almost 20 years ago on the banks of the Krasnodar reservoir.

Maikop — AIF-Adygea. Found an artifact — the second in the SFD almost completely preserved gem.

Adyghe Mammoth awaits reconstruction

Last week, the National Museum of the Republic sent a request for participation in the federal program, involving the layout of paleontological curiosities of the National Museum of Adygea in a single exposure.

Museum of the Republic is famous only in the south of the rich collections of ammonites, minerals and other fossils. The age of the oldest and most valuable of the rarities in the millions of years, many fossils predate the ancient sea-lake Paratethys, which existed on the earth 25 million years ago, captured the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas and stretched from Paris to Altai.
Among the most valuable finds — a stone with an imprint of tree bark, the "age" fossils 300 million years old fossilized shells of Nautilus Pompilius, which 200 million years old, a little "younger" — ammonites 120-130 million years. But little investment demand restoration of bones and installing mammoth skeleton.

The approximate cost of the reconstruction of the bones — about 1 million rubles.

— While all paleontological finds are stored in the museum, mammoth preserved. However, if the federal program will provide funds for reconstruction and installation of the skeleton, it will become the central exhibit of mammoth fossil museum exhibition — said the director of the National Museum of the Republic of Adygea Dzhigunova Fatima.

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