Aerobatic team Russian Knights was 22 years old

TSAMTO, April 5. Aerobatic team (AGVP) "Russian Knights" Aircraft Demonstration Centre named after I. Kozheduba today celebrates the 22 th anniversary of its creation.


The group is led by Colonel Andrei Alexeev Guard returns from the International exhibition of aerospace and naval engineering LIMA-2013 (the island of Langkawi, Malaysia).

Russian Knights (LIMA 2013). Photo: Marina Lystseva,

As reported by the Department of Press and Information Ministry of Defense, in 2013, the group will also participate in a number of demonstration flights at international exhibitions in Hungary, China and the UAE.

To date AGVP "Russian Knights" has been and remains the only aerobatic team in the world, performing aerobatics single and group of four, six, and nine aircraft on the fighters. Many of them demonstrated a group of aerobatic maneuvers, until recently, were considered impractical on aircraft of this class.

For example, the world famous aircraft building a "big diamond" ("big diamond"), performed in a mixture of formation, together with the equally famous aerobatic team 'Swifts', officially entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Before that demonstrate similar air maneuver could not be any aerobatic group in the history of world aviation.

Russian Knights (LIMA 2013). Photo: Marina Lystseva,

Over the years the group has visited Bahrain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, where he showed the highest flying skills and demonstrated the advanced achievements of the Russian aerospace industry. Today aerobatic team "Russian Knights" and "Swifts" are the hallmark of the Air Forces of Russia.

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