After the earthquake, in the Amur region of Nevers residents were left without water

After the earthquake, residents of the village Bolshoi Never Skovorodinsky area remained without proper drinking water.

After strong aftershocks from the local water intake went white — as it turned out, the groundwater were lime impurities.

Local residents are not at risk to use a liquid for food, so drinking water to bring them out of the district center, said Amur Pravda.

Bolshoy Never was almost at the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred last Friday. "Tremors" force 5.9 nevertsev left many without utensils, and some — no stoves, and, as it turned out, the whole village — without proper drinking water. Never in her supplied with artesian well water intake "head", which is located 12 kilometers from the village.

From there the water pipeline came at the village water tower, from which the water a few times a week, transported by tanker homes — get their own wells in the north of the Amur region is problematic.

After the earthquake, the equipment at the water intake was not affected, which is not about the quality of the groundwater. In the water there are white impurities that give the water milky.

— As soon as the incident became known, it was decided to stop supplying the village with water from this source. We will make samples and sent them for examination in the laboratory Tynda and Skovorodino Rospotrebnadzor. Experts will identify the nature of the impurities and their danger to humans — told the AP employee Nevers Beloborodova Hope Village Council.

According to experts, the reason for changing the color of the water can be limestone, disturbed by the earthquake. Period of groundwater contamination such impurities may be from a few days to several years.

Meanwhile, the assurances of officials, emergency on the water intake has not created a disruption in the supply of drinking water to the village — it is brought from the district center, which is located 13 km from Nevers.

According to the local administration, the cost of the vital fluid to the local population, such measures are not affected. Nevertsy still pay 74 rubles for a 200-liter barrel. Now the district authorities are seeking ways to address the problem by commissioning reserve wells, but this would require some financial outlay.

— There are two wells that have the potential to help solve the problem. Water samples have been sent to the laboratory. If need be, next to the well suited to be a platform for working pour trailer, purchase and install a submersible well pump and pipes. Well away from the village, so the supply of water will be a technical transport, — said the head of the district Skovorodinsky Alexey Tarasov.


20.10.11.Korrespondent AP visited the epicenter of the earthquake

Tremors that scare on Friday almost all residents Amur, was felt most strongly in Skovorodinsky district and its administrative center — here seismologists recorded a 5.9-magnitude tremor. The locals got off a fright at home — cracks in the plaster. Someone less fortunate: they have destroyed the stove, in some apartment buildings were cracked walls, here and there — bearing. As skovorodintsy experienced violence of elements, AP correspondent learned, had been in town the day after the earthquake.

In the station cafe visitors attention especially no one pays: the appearance of an oil terminal, breathed new life into the city, and foreigners are not a novelty. Serbs talk right, left — the Buryats. Across the table — a couple of overage. Everyone drinks — Sunday. Discuss, of course, an earthquake. "Yesterday an earthquake again waited in the course? Telegram on the w / e sent, Tanya told me — eight to 12 points, "- says the bleached blonde to his companion. "Do you even know what 12 points? It's there on the ground will crack. Here it does not happen, "- he says it.

— Nothing we have not broke, everything is normal, but the oil to China briefly braked — fact — says one of the employees of the terminal, who agreed to give me a ride. Almost all of the local population — or railway, or work on oil. — At that moment I was in the building, all jumped into the street and stood back to places left. That's it. But the rumor goes — Mama Do not Cry.

Word of mouth in speakerphone

Scary rumors spread here at lightning speed. On Saturday late afternoon in the city rushed machine, of which the speaker warned of a second wave. Almost went after her other car, the passengers of which were refined in the population looked like the very same car, who, they say, nothing induces panic. However, the word "witnesses" are not very relevant. Should start to specify, as it turns out, that said this neighbor, who is also someone said.
But rumors about Saturday's earthquake also did not appear out of thin air. On Friday around midnight Skovorodino again shaken. "It's not noticeable, but it was all the same. It's like, you know, the current in the legs went, "- said one of the locals. About as described by the second push and the rest. Seismic experts "Yakutsk" shock is not fixed, however, said in a telephone conversation that the so-called aftershocks could well be, but their power is usually so small that the station can not see them.

— My husband and I took turns sleeping on duty, — says head teacher Helen Galieva third school. — All in the stores were kilometer. People stood for water and bread. The population of high-rise buildings was spent in the private sector, to acquaintances, friends. We stayed at the cottage. People lit bonfires near the houses, preparing food for them — as if the military situation.

A crack in the gym

As of the third school, significantly affected after the first shock, evacuated children, the lessons were in seventh grade, mostly younger ones. Only 530 children are enrolled.

— Evacuate all quickly. School supplies are still lying in the classes — says head teacher. — We are where all the children have already taken out, ran to check on the floors — all of it. Ran together: our front guard Victor, we followed with Vera Semyonovna. Even split feared as it was scary.

Third school corridors are divided into segments of white strips of plaster, chipped along the tile joints. Scattered on the floor gym balls, pieces of concrete, rock falls from the ceiling. During an earthquake, there was nobody there. Gym divides in half an impressive crack running along both walls and ceiling. It is, according to experts, the danger is not as is the so-called thermal seam.

Hall still closed — to do cosmetic repairs, insert glass. School resumed on Tuesday, but the main entrance to the school is closed — vestibule riddled with cracks in the walls, they need to pull together. Large scope of work, the cost is not yet known. As for the estimates for refurbishment, then caulk cracks that stood out most in the whole building, painting, replacement of windows in the gym, according to the director Tatyana Goldynskoy need about 600 thousand rubles.

Patients — in kindergarten

The door body with surgical and gynecological departments Skovorodinsky CRH, also suffered from the earthquake, is covered military truck. "Man, help throw the rack in the car" — asks a man in camouflage. It turned out — the border guard. The military helped with the move to an adjacent building. Medical department (20 beds) had previously moved to kindergarten.

— In kindergarten, we will have therapy and pediatrics. Will provide assistance to all in full. By the new year, when he made repairs, will move back to the hospital. That's it! No time! — Curtly answering questions, handing out instructions military chief doctor Svetlana Leontief.

Dmitry Ortus that lives two houses — in Skovorodino and disbelief — suffered doubly. In Skovorodinsky flat plaster crumbled and collapsed in Nevers stove.

— In disbelief at all bad though. Stove general in almost fell down. A neighbor came home, there is some bricks lying around, — he says. — Stove do now — thousand eight: half wizard, half the work. It's good that I do still know how to — bidding.

Railwaymen Sergei and Galina Fedyuchenko first tremors found at home, aftershocks — at work.

— We just before the night shift went to sleep, everything is shook. First buzzed all, so "uuuu" eyes open — everything is shaking, — says Galina. — She got up and ran, and my husband caught in the opening door, wait, said here. And then to work for seven went.

Significantly affected two-story house at the address. Victory, 35 — load bearing wall on the south side a little bit left in the ground. The mistress of one of the apartments on the second floor of Natalia Veslopolova going to sell the apartment and leave the city. "It gave notice in a newspaper, and now who need it so?" — Lamenting woman.

Children draw earthquake

In the district, at the fifth kilometer (former military camp), according to witnesses, the street was seen as shakes the upper floors of houses, and "cars naturally move!" In the local school smells of paint — in the lobby have started redecorating. This school has suffered not so much plaster, and occasionally pieces of concrete crumbled only on the upper floors. In one of the classes has fallen shelf with flowers.

— Total in 28 educational institutions, including the most affected first kindergarten, third school, schools in Bam and Tahtamygde — says the head of district education department Elena cheerfully. — We invite Amurremproekt. Where sprinkle plaster, make cosmetic repairs.

Right next to the school kindergarten.

— My group was on a walk in the earthquake, but the kids in the room scared, screaming, — says Natalya teacher preparatory group Skripkina. — But, you know, five minutes — and they were all in the street. All worked well, did not panic, we already had emergency — fire. So everything worked out. Tomorrow children will draw earthquake. Psychologist says to throw out negative emotions, to quickly forget them.

Are you scared? Notes from Forum October 14


"I am a son called just at 16.15, to ask what it is: a chair under him went away, the water began to spill out of the tank, and the monitor staggered. Advised me to go out, maybe people too have felt … "


"I'm on the ground floor in Blagoveshchensk felt aftershocks — chandelier shook and frightened cat ran out of the room Marquis! The first time you attend this event! And scary, and fun! But I hope that will not happen again! "


"And my cat, lounging in a chair, slept all the earthquake, I see lying about their extrasensory or just have a defective copy."


"We were sitting in class at ASU, shaken well — the party went to shake. Called her husband in Skovorodinsky area, there are all in a panic. They say that more will be. On the railroad train stopped. "


"The angle of the Zeya — Szymanowska also rocked! My fish in shock! "


"I called a friend in just Tahtamygdu that next to Skovorodino. Said that they strongly shaken. Gather now all in the stadium, as expected the second push. "

Larissa Queen:

"At first I thought I was going crazy. Blinds and leaves a flower on the wall shaking went, I felt that my chair was slightly move off. Decided not to go to anyone of my colleagues. On the way home it became clear that no one realized it was an earthquake. But everyone was wrong, and some sense of madness. "


"I was on the eighth floor of the regional hospital. Ordinatorskoy doctor came out and as soon realized that it was an earthquake, immediately thought of pressing business on the street, and the patients and the nurses remained. "


"At the time I was in Tynda where noted 6 points. There was trembling with shock, the people on the street in a panic ran out, it was a gathering at the river. In general, people walked four hours, and then it spit — and go home! "
Anton Butsenko

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