Agricultural holding Rus (Perm region) increases the production of milk

Agricultural holding "Rus" — one of the leading agricultural enterprises of the Perm Territory. This breeding reproducer cattle black and white breed. The enterprise has an investment project for the construction of a dairy complex for 1,500 head of cattle in loose housing with milking installation of "Carousel."

  • one of the barns, LLC "Rus"
  • one of the barns, LLC "Rus"

Production capacity of agricultural holdings can process 60 tons of milk per day. The company plans — the expansion and opening of new production facilities, expanding the range of products and create new jobs.

Today, "Russia" — the largest producer of milk (16,000 tonnes) in the Perm region and the only agricultural enterprise, independent of all cycles of the production process.

In addition to a wide range of dairy products, LLC "Rus" makes sausages and meat products, honey and vegetables.

Agricultural holding "Russia" appeared in 2006 as a result of the reorganization of one of the oldest farms, collective farm "Russia" (foundation year — 1929). The once loss-making business was purchased founder of "Saturn-R", a famous Perm businessman Alexander Repin and after a complete restructuring and updating of all production facilities received a second life. Livestock complex, practical, was rebuilt anew. The whole process of production management has been fully automated. The volume of milk production reached 35-40 tons per day, and "Rus" was beat out by leaders in the production of milk in the Perm region.

With the increasing volume, and for processing of milk into high-quality products, the management decided to acquire its own milk-processing plant. So in 2011 the "Rus" was the owner of the dairy plant in Kizel, who also was at the time on the brink of survival. Today, the dairy plant "Rus" employs 164 people, mostly residents Kizel. For the depressed region Dairy "Rus" was the town-and every new job is the pride guide "Rus" and the respect of the local population.

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