Agricultural holding Vanguard has opened the first phase of construction of the zone of young


Avangardco Investments December 26, 2011 officially opened the first band of young animals on farm in the village of East, Belozersky district, Kherson region. The first phase of the zone has 1.5 million young chickens. The volume of investments already made in the project — about 1 billion USD. The press service of "Vanguard".
Full cost of the construction of the complex and poultry feed mill with capacity of 60 tons of feed per hour, slaughterhouse and biogas plant on litter and waste production as well as grain storage for 300 tons of grain, as well as a similar project PJSC "Avis" in the Khmelnitsky region will be 2013 to 5.7 billion USD.
According to the chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration Mykola Kostyak, this investment is the second largest investment in the region. He also said that the priority of the administration determined the accelerated development of agriculture and on its basis — the revival of the village and the social sphere.
According to the company, the total population of young animals on the project PJSC "Chernobaevskoe" before the end of 2012 will be 2.5 million chickens (10 poultry houses, 6 of which have already been built). In addition, during 2012 will be put into operation three millionth zone hens followed by adjusting their numbers to 5,000,000 (20 poultry houses).
The Company expects the full roll mill in operation in 2013 total production of eggs in tandem mills "AVIS" (p. Gumentsy Kamenetz-Podolsk district of Khmelnitsky region) and "Chernobaevskoe" will be 3 billion units. year. The total egg production enterprise "Vanguard" from 2013 will be 8.2 billion units.
According to the financial director of the company "Vanguard" Irina Marchenko, the project Chernobaevtsy should be one of the largest poultry farms in Europe and Asia.
"Due to the significant natural potential of the Kherson region for the development of agricultural production and the support of the regional government, we were able to start and develop a project in Chernobaevtsy in a short time and with a minimum of red tape. I am confident that the company will not only become a leading producer of eggs, but also the leader of the Kherson region with investment, job creation and the provision of social infrastructure, "- said Marchenko.
Agricultural holding "Vanguard" is the market leader of eggs and egg products in Ukraine — in 2010 the market share of industrial production was 43% of eggs, egg products — 79%, exports of eggs and egg products — 84% (52% eggs, 97% of egg products ). According to the publication World Poultry, «Vanguard" is the second company in the world producing eggs in terms of population of laying hens after the American Cal-Maine Foods.

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