AGROMASH and CHETRA Made in Russia!

The global crisis has vividly demonstrated how interconnected all the markets, and that the future success and prosperity of Russia does not depend on energy exports and the amount of petrodollars, but on the degree of development of the internal market, including engineering, agriculture, and strong brands.
Every year in the world there are thousands of new products, with 87.5% of them can fail. Russia is experiencing an acute shortage of sustainable national brands that have become an integral part of the modern image of a strong power that runs the innovative way of development.
Mechanical-engineering-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants "in the ongoing modernization and ongoing investment projects aimed at the development of R &D and product innovation, have managed to create two powerful national brand: CHETRA (industrial machinery) and AGROMASH (agricultural machinery). To date, the products under these brands defends the interests of the Russian export, engaging in fierce competition with other global brands.

Both domestic brand of modern engineering promoted under an ambitious and unique slogan: "Made in Russia».
Electronics brands "AGROMASH" differs from the other members of the agricultural machinery market original design, ergonomics and recognizable appearance. The new image of the modern brand, bringing together a wide range of domestic agricultural machinery new generation was designed for "Tractor plants" world famous company Leo Burnett. Designer brand portfolio consists of world-renowned brands — Disney, McDonald's, Coca Cola, Fiat, and others in the Russian machine-building the brand "AGROMASH" takes into account the latest trends to create the authenticity of products aimed at global markets.
Research intensity across the range of designs, ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment in the most difficult circumstances, regardless of the climate zone and terrain. The use of modern energy-saving technologies in production, increased comfort and the possibility of aggregation with a wide range of attachments, constant updating and modification of the model line with the real needs of the villagers — this is not a complete list of benefits deserved recognition technology "AGROMASH." No wonder the new items published under this brand and unparalleled in its model range — the cotton tractor and combine harvester steep slopes with a full electric drive on all working units — were awarded three gold and one silver medals at the last in October, the exhibition "Golden Autumn".
Today, the Russian national brand "AGROMASH" is not just a new brand, a new standard for comprehensive dialogue with the government in a public — private partnership, one of the successful examples of which are involved in the program of import substitution, the first in Russia program for recycling old harvesters and forest machines. One of the main slogans of the promotion of Russian art "AGROMASH" — "Working on the result." It demonstrates a clear orientation of the manufacturer on the real needs of the end user, the work which does not end at the stage exit from stock car dealer, and continues throughout the life cycle of technology.
Another national brand, created "Tractor Plants" four years ago — "CHETRA" — brings together an extensive range of machinery and equipment for industrial use. That she allowed the Russian manufacturer on a par with the world's market leaders — Caterpillar and Komatsu.
CHETRA very quickly gained recognition in the market, taking part in the construction of major infrastructure projects of our time, such as the Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean, Sakhalin-2 gas pipeline "Blue Stream", "Vanqor-purpe", "Fixes-Griazovets." The brand with the Russian character showed their strengths in the work of both the permafrost areas of the north, and the lands of the scorching sun and the winds in the south, in the construction of the largest industrial sites, ports, development of deposits of minerals, laying pipelines and other projects in 40 countries . Tech labeled "Made in Russia" is in great demand in Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Mozambique, Syria, South Korea. CHETRA actively carries out international expansion. Following the supply of products in the key of Concern "Tractor plants" regions, opened specialized subsidiaries: Kazakhstan — CHETRA Trade Machinery, India — CHETRA Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.
The innovative image of the Russian brand "CHETRA" supports the development of specialized design bureau "Concern" Tractor plants ", as part of the machine-building industrial-group R &D program to produce a new, competitive products. In 2010, for the first time in Russia has developed and implemented a functional system for monitoring tractor brand "CHETRA." — Machines equipped with telematics terminals with built-in GLONASS receivers, allowing real-time, you can track the location of the machine, the speed of its movement and the technical condition: fuel consumption, emergency pressure and temperature in the engine and transmission.
Today CHETRA national brand stands for reliability and quality of products manufactured in Russia. To carry out the smooth operation of the organization of specialized service company that provides warranty and post-warranty service and repairs made by the enterprises of the holding of industrial, forestry, municipal and agricultural machinery, as well as training of operators and maintenance engineers.
"We set out to create a strong national brands in mechanical engineering, capable in the long run make a significant contribution to creating a positive image of the new Russia, as an innovative and technically advanced power — says the president of the" Concern "Tractor plants", member of the Central Bureau of the Central " Russian Engineering Union "Michael Bolotin. — We can do so that the marking "Made in Russia" was a sufficient argument for choice! "

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