Airlines of Russia in I half-year 2012. increased transportation of passengers by 17% — to 31.9 million people.

Russian airlines in the I half of 2012., Adjusted, increased transportation of passengers compared to the same period last year by 17% — up to 31.943 million people. According to the report of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Federal Air Transport Agency), on international routes were transported 16.269 million people (24.3%) on domestic flights — 15,673,000 persons (10.3%).
In June this year the airline carried 7,440,000 passengers (+13.5%). 
In the I half of 2012. Russian airline passenger traffic amounted to 84.774 billion p-km (18.8%), turnover — 2.429 billion ton-km (+5.8%), transported 468.2 million tons (+4.4%) of cargo and mail, percentage of occupied seats amounted to 75.6% (+1.6 percentage points), the percentage of commercial load — 66.6% (+1.3 percentage points).

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