AKS-Invest has introduced a method of manufacturing a welded flexible protection

AKS-Invest has introduced a method of manufacturing a welded flexible protection.


Dear partners, we are proud to announce that our company has moved to weld seams elements flexible protection for amphibious hovercraft "Mars." This innovative solution that is applied by our company, improved the quality and reliability of flexible fencing. Compared with the conventional method, the welding method is used where high reliability is required. When bonding is a high risk to make a mistake, which then will be almost impossible to fix, it is a very important element for ensuring the safety of the movement of the hovercraft. Welding is much more dense material connects, the adhesion is much higher than when gluing, welding also better suited for the manufacture of inflatable elements of flexible protection hovercraft. Characteristics and properties of the raw materials remain intact and no extra layers which might weaken the connection (adhesive layer). When welding operation is performed on the welding machine, semi-automatic, and when pasting — manually, which increases the likelihood of a mistake due to human error. Machine Center used Miller Weldmaster represents welding machine polymeric fabrics, including fabrics with a vinyl (PVC) and polyurethane coating (PU) hot air or hot wedge. The optimum combination of pressure, velocity and temperature of heat-sealing material is qualitative. Production of flexible protection elements with this machine allows you to achieve lasting connections tissue resistant to high and low temperatures, dynamic loading, and the effects of water, air and other aggressive media. Performed by welding seams are different from most adhesive strength, aesthetics and durability.

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