Alapaevsky Machine Tool Works (Sverdlovsk region). Has released a new machine

1P371M machine is designed for high-performance processing of a variety of parts made of high speed tool steel and equipped with hard metal plates and is designed for rough and finish turning and boring, drilling, core drilling and reaming, coincident with the axis of rotation of the spindle and cutting them into threads using spets.osnastki .

Distinctive features of the new machine are: increased power of the main drive, as well as the presence of 2 slides: cross — bridge-type with four-position tool head and a revolver equipped with a six-position turret with a vertical axis of rotation. Rotate the turret clamp and automated (and possibly control in manual mode. High precision and rigidity of fixation is achieved by the use of a clutch 2-flat gears. Performs the function of the accelerated movement of support: revolving in the longitudinal and transverse to the 2 — directions .

The hydraulic system provides a machine-spreader clamp the workpiece; Preselektivnaya choice of magnitude of the cross innings and turret slide, climb, twist and lock the turret.

The essence of the modernization is to replace the automatic gear box, located in the headstock and has a complex kinematics, on the frequency — controlled drive. — Frequency controlled drive provides smooth stepless spindle speed, which improves the technological capabilities of the equipment.

Reduced the number of axles and gears headstock (effect achieved — increasing reliability and improving the noise performance), canceled the mechanism of slow-rotating spindle and hydraulic cylinders used in the switching mechanism of spindle speed, as well as multi-disc clutches (unreliable, difficult to adjust) . The current value of the spindle is monitored by a digital tachometer display. Improve and simplify the wiring. Decrease in the number of switching elements, relays, motor starters, which increased the reliability of the electrical equipment.

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