Ales Shaternik Liberty Bell — a sacred thing

In the studio Ales Shaternik can open the exhibition "unidentified sculpture." It just so happened that the artist often worked guided cry of the heart, not by government order. Create images of Vasil Bykov, Larissa Heniyush, Eugene Kulick — without assurance that it will be cast, is set. He worked for the future of Belarus. 16 October sculptor was 70 years old.

Michas Scoble:
"Mr. Alexander, I congratulate you on the anniversary that you met at the sculpture machine, with malbertse. Having been recently in your shop, I saw a few started works in various media. What helps you is in constant creative search?"

Ales Shaternik:
"The body grows and strengthens the spirit. Helps me a lot my winter swimming. Moreover, the very work of the sculptor takes a lot of physical effort. Someone goes to gyms, engaged, and I'm in my studio I lift heavy stones and sculptures. But Recently, I threw on some other kind of employment — painting. it excites me too, somehow elevates when I take up my easel, I see the scenery and want to leave something on the canvas. When doing art in general can not stand still. At I have a lot of creative ideas, and a day and a life so short that sometimes you think, day, like the beam shone, the sun went behind a cloud, and the day ended. For several years, the summer months I have to build a dacha in the country — a bath, it is also helps to be in shape. byaressya And if the brush, then close and landscapes, and the lake is perfect — Balduk.'s Day I usually filled. "

Michas Scoble

Scoble: "I know that you are in my youth dreaming of becoming a military and even acted in the Minsk Suvorov Military School. Maybe now would be a colonel or a general. Retired.'ve Not regretted that have become an artist?"

"What young man does not dream of a military uniform, does not dream to become a soldier! But enthusiastic military career I was not. Just so happens, we — the post-war children. Only the war ended, my father was in the military, fought, Minsk liberated, and of I wanted to make a serviceman. Filed documents I Suvorov Military School, the first set, in 1953, even passed the exams successfully, and was almost passed, but the order came that the recruit must first of those children who had no parents. walked with me along my friend Peter Sadowski, and his father died in the war. So, maybe I gave up his place to Peter. way, I do not regret, because Peter was a famous man, an educated, public figures. "

Scoble: "He actually became a general in the Belarusian diplomacy."

Shaternik: "I agree. Opposite Suvorov military school is the Opera House. Located in the vaults of the theater art school …"

Scoble: "So you just crossed the road …"

Shaternik: "Thus, in the current Maxim Bogdanovich street, then another Gorky. And in art school at home did our well-known artist, my friend Ales Marochkin. He came from the village, and the city had yet to have a knack. Man he can certainly same. He passed the exams successfully, but Ivan G. Krasnevski, director of the school, sent him to the Vitebsk Art Institute. "

Scoble: "This time, you have already decided not to give in to anyone."

The fate of the artist — to work all my life. Can you imagine Michelangelo in retirement? …

Shaternik: "Yes. And I do not regret that he chose the path of the artist. Fate of the artist — to work all my life. Can you imagine Michelangelo retirement? Generals, military retire, or sent there — it is very unpleasant to humans. From this point of view, I lucky I did not become a military — I am still working. "

"Not all of your sites are set — I mean, for example, the equestrian monument Vseslav Witch, busts or Eugene Bykov Kulik. Are you sure that they are in demand and are set in the future?"

Shaternik"Of course, the dream of every artist — to make such a work to be seen by men. In this sense, I was not very lucky in life, unlucky set of great monuments. Nevertheless, in Polotsk put my monument" Kryvičy. "We have the same this situation is that the state is not very conducive to those creators who have their own opinion and can express it, regardless of the reaction of the authorities. Therefore, large government orders I had. Regarding bust Bykov, then I gave it to a very prestigious university in the United States. Contributed Vytautas it was boiling. solemn transfer of the summer, I think the bust will be installed somewhere in the yard. As is generally monument Today there are disputes about the monument by Zurab Tsereteli's Peter I in Moscow. Tsereteli himself as a very likable, he did many good things and he's a good manager and a good artist. But his megalomania — an unfortunate phenomenon. Overall, the artwork can be of a few centimeters. "

Scoble: "I know one thing your work is set in Zelva, who also need to measure the masters. What is his height?"

Shaternik: "18 meters. However, human figures there are only five and a half meters. This is a monument to war dead countrymen. When installed, I do not even know what the place once stood the church. And when he found out, his conscience would not let I rest: it was possible to put a monument on the site of the temple? And when we Anatoly Bely installed in Zelva monument Heniyush Larissa (the product of Michael Inkova) I asked about it at a local priest, Father Alexander. And he told me that the monument dedicated to the victims, the there is no sin. "

Scoble: "In August of this year, we are set in Zelva home Larissa Heniyush another your work — a board for the 100th anniversary of the poet. Hung it for four days, and then came the officials of the executive committee, and tore it from the wall of a private house. Have you tried somehow resist this barbarity and lawlessness? "

I broke down and called the deputy chairman of the executive committee Zelvenski Valentine Semenyako: "Dear, why did you shoot Heniyush board, it is you that is the throat?" …

Shaternik: "Since the board is very unpleasant thing turned out. Poor Larissa Antonovna, and after the death of her no peace … I was informed of Zelva — remove the board. As this is done, I broke down and called the deputy chairman of the executive committee Zelvenski Valentine Semenyako:" Dear, why are you Heniyush shooting board, it is you that is the throat? "And he told me:" We have to give a legal assessment. "Oh my God, What else can there be a score? Then I turned yes official just as a person," Tell me, please, what is your personal attitude to Larissa Heniyush? "He replied:" Well, this is a human tragedy. "Oh my God, destroyed the family was exiled to the Gulag, for twenty-five years have deprived the son of parents — it's a tragedy, of course. hoping I that Still not withdraw. took off. Now sign is Zelvenskiy police department. would like to think that the police would react to my product with respect, because it is such an interesting example. Once we have done with Ales Marochkin Liberty Bell, who in 2006 attended on the square. Both ringing arrested and held for several weeks also in the police. But when we came to take him, they saw that the ringing is in the classroom, and not somewhere in the basement. And we back it. I think that until signs Larissa Heniyush attitude wi
ll also be respectfully. "

Scoble"Bad luck is not only" geniyushavskay "sign. Inscription Natalia Arsenieva in Vilnius was stolen from the wall of unknown attackers. Plaque dedicated Inbelkulta is in your workshop. There I saw and board, made by you to the building where the Belarusian People's Republic was proclaimed .. . Why did you create the plaques, which may be a problem? "

Shaternik: "Undoubtedly, the day of the proclamation of the Belarusian People's Republic of normal Belarusians — honorable date. Creator and can not be indifferent to such events. I have not heard that any of my colleagues did the board on this topic. And I was lucky it was in 1993, when the country had more freedom. plaque in honor of the BPR was cast in metal, I brought her to the building and waited for someone to come and help her set, she's heavy. One to do it was simply not do. And the documents required have been prepared . At the time, the Acting Chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkevich played was his resolution and agreement on the establishment of the signs. But then came just Congress of Belarusians of the world, and no one I could not wait … The artist, who has a conscience and national pride, we can not by such things. Here you mention the name of Natalia Arsenyev, who is the author of the Belarusian anthem "God Almighty." In 90 years, we all sang it. community in "The Chase" I was the only sculptor. And so, I was doing well or not doing well, I made these signs. Arsenieva inscription, by the way, in a free Lithuania stolen metals. Thanks be to God, we are after it was rebuilt in a slightly different form. well and I made the sign Maxim Gorecki — it is set in a former Belarusian gymnasium in Vilna. And now, a few years, they are hanging out there. "

Scoble: "Let's touch on the theme of art, you are now engaged and landscapes. Why is void of emptiness -" Black Square "by Malevich — the world is more valuable than, say, a brilliant peyzazhyst Witold BelynitskiyrBirulya?"

Shaternik: "Black Square" — a very symbolic and interesting thing is, if to reflect. It is present in our everyday life. He pressed the button — the screen went the TV. So much for the black square. That today we have this black square shows? How many of these negative slop teleskrynki on our heads? Teleskrynki — these are the black squares. "

Scoble: "When in full force and effect sounds made you cast on people's donations Liberty Bell?"

Shaternik: "I never lost the dream to live in a free and democratic country. And today I do not lose. Yet our society wakes up. Now is collecting signatures for presidential candidates. Our people are indifferent. He goes and put their signatures for the change. And the Liberty Bell will sound when society will demand it when awakened in the hearts of the human spirit of freedom. Our Liberty Bell symbolizes the famous Philadelphia ringing. It was created at the expense of people, so it is a sacred thing. I think he should soon begin to sound, and it will sound like, We, I and my friends who have made the Liberty Bell, are convinced. "



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