Alexander F. Mozhayskiy

Alexander F. Mozhayskiyborn March 9, 1825 in Vyborg province in the family of a naval officer. In 1841 Mozhayskiy graduated from the Naval College in 1853-1855. took part in the march on the frigate "Diana" to the shores of Japan across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Mozhayskiy then served in the Navy and civilian agencies. Since 1856 he began to explore the possibility of creating a flying machine heavier than air and has dedicated this goal entire life. His research interests in this area was quite extensive: he thoroughly studied the structure of the wings of birds, their capacity for soaring flight, examined the work of the propellers, flight dynamics, at the same time built a model aircraft.


In 1876 Mozhayskiy successfully publicly demonstrated their flying models, and in 1881 received the first in Russia to the invention of a privilege "vozduholetatelny shell" (the plane). In the same year Mozhayskiy began construction of his airplane with two steam engines in the military field in the Red Selo near St. Petersburg. Official documents about the flight of the airplane did not survive, but we know that from 1882 to 1885. Mozhayskiy annually received permission Staff Guard troops and the St. Petersburg Military District to conduct experiments with his "vozduholetatelnym projectile."

Overall, however, the War Department did not have any support Mozhayskiy, considering the establishment of aircraft heavier than air premature and inappropriate to business. In spite of everything, Mozhayskiy continued to work. Lacking funds, he was forced to sell not only their possessions in Vologda and Ukraine, but also personal things. Complete their works Mozhayskiy not have time. But his work on the creation of an aircraft — one of the first attempts of practical aircraft.
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