ALEXANDER Gatskana: This is my first double in the championship of RUSSIA!

Alexander Oxman, football Courier joins the ranks of the "yellow-blue" in the summer dozayavochnuyu campaign Moldovan midfielder quickly gained a place in the starting lineup. And now on the home straight league race is for "Rostov" a very important figure in the center of the field. And, as it turned out, he can not only fight for the ball well and give accurate transfer partners, but also the excellent succeeds at the end of attacks. The score his goals for the club Don Gatskan opened in Irkutsk, where wards Oleg Dolmatova have left no chance to "Star" — 5:1. But in a duel with "Mashuk-KMV" limited to one ball he did not want to, and chalked up a "double» [cut] — Of course, our team deserved the victory today — says Alexander. — We are in full control of the match, had a great advantage, attacked a lot. So the bill, in my opinion, for the game. And it could be even bigger, because until the end of the match, our team continues to create dangerous moments at the gates of the enemy. [B] — In the last round, "Rostov" solved the problem out in the Premier League. Where did you and your partners drew motivation to fight with "Mashukov»? [/ B] — Despite the fact that the team has already secured a ticket to the elite, we were preparing for today's match very seriously. Oleg Dolmatov said that during the meeting with "Alan" We were not a very good mood and so the result of the match could have been different. Well, that vladikavkaztsy failed to score a third goal, and our team won an important victory. Today we were set up on the game from the first minute. From the beginning, trying to act aggressively ahead, put pressure on rival players, confidently control the ball. Probably a good mood and helped us win a landslide victory. [B] — you mark "double" at the gate "Mashuka." Earlier in his career, have you ever managed to score two goals in one match? [/ B] — Only when I played in Moldova. In Russia today, "double" was the first one for me. [B] — Today is your partner in the center of midfield was Nikita Denisov, who usually acts in defense. How to evaluate your interaction with them? [/ B] — In general, I think we played well, but understanding is still a bit lacking. Sometimes it happened that we both ran away with Nikita in the attack, and no one was left behind, that is, there was no safety net from each other. But nothing — will work on my mistakes. [B] — There are still four rounds, and "Rostov" is beyond the reach of their competitors. What is the purpose of your team puts on the rest of the championship? [/ B] — The goal is simple: play softly on the composition of the next year, and to win and earn bonuses. [B] — What about the stimulus to reach the mark of one hundred points? [/ B] — This would, of course, great, but certainly a specific task to conquer this milestone in front of us did not put.

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