Alexander Lukashenko: Do not be here, blueness and other things while I’m president

The Head of State has issued his annual address to the nation and parliament

"In Russia we are bound by brotherly alliance, we do not have any political controversy — said Alexander Lukashenko. — We go to the highest level of bilateral cooperation in the framework of the Union State. And thus once again openly, honestly want to say is for the European Union, the United States and other: leading negotiations with you, we do not in any way going to assume — we are with you or with Russia. We do not have this choice, and can not be! " 

"No one can break this holy law — neither Lukashenko, neither Putin nor Medvedev, nor anyone else! — He stressed. — It is natural. To demand of us that we have turned to a certain part of Russia — is counterproductive. This will never happen! ".

Speaking about the economic problems, the President said that the privatization — not a panacea for all ills, the country will not go "on sale at bargain prices", and the basic requirements for investors long ago announced. The merger of the Belarusian plant "MAZ" with Russian "KamAZ" may be impractical, if for "KAMAZ" are foreigners who want to close the Belarusian plant, he said. According to him, it is not clear that the "MAZ" receive from the association, the Belarusian enterprises have markets, and its products are not inferior products "KamAZ". "I ask, how much is invested in the modernization of the MAZ, since you came here? — He explained the situation. — But they have no money. In addition, I begin to inform that stand behind them foreigners from Germany and America, which will simply be interested to MAZ omitted to close. " According to the president, while only appropriate to make a single management company that works with two assets over the next 3-5 years. "If someone is trying to exploit the situation and razderbanit country — it's not me", — assured the head of state. "I'm on that gangster action, otherwise you will not name, I will not" — he concluded.

He also said that Belarus needs privatization and investors that will provide expansion of commodity markets, the creation of new businesses and give a good salary. In addition, A. Lukashenka noted that modernization is an objective requirement of life, not fiction or Manilovism President: "Our way — not the destruction and creation. Modernization of the country began a long time, I would even say that we are entering the final stages, the extreme step of this upgrade. " Modernization of production in Belarus named one of the country's economic policy priorities, made it, according to A. Lukashenko will not in large numbers, this process is limited to 12-15 major projects. In particular, this process is already underway in the field of wood and should be completed this year. Belarus is developing the real economy, and not inflate the financial bubble soap, he concluded. According to him, the performance criteria of modernization should be "achieving annual sales revenue per employee not less than 60 thousand dollars." The President stressed that for five or six years, the modernization of the energy sector was invested $ 7 billion. Now, he added, "there is a new energy."

The country still has affected the global financial and economic crisis, but mostly managed to stabilize the situation, he said. "Today, we have overcome the threshold $ 500 average wage in the country coped with high inflation, have calmed the currency market, provided a safe level reserves", — concluded the president. All of these positive data, the head of state noted and recorded in the world, according to the annual rating of the United Nations, Belarus came in the top 50 countries in the world on the Human Development Index. "This is the highest among the CIS", — said Alexander Lukashenko.

The President noted that the drugs, uranium and nuclear flows, the flows of migrants at the border by Belarusian customs officers detain is in the interest of the European Union — and it is a good agenda for the normalization of relations with Brussels and Washington. "But we never go out to kneel, stoop, — he said. — All that we have agreed with our partners — from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the EU — we will faithfully perform. But do not strangle us. The sanctions are counterproductive. Do not force us to introduce same-sex marriage. It would not be here, "blueness" and others, as long as I am president. And you are away from Christian values, it is alien to us. We will not agree. " Also, according to him, will not be in Belarus and revolutions: "The opposition even exists. Let the fighting, participate in elections, but did not bomb. Will bomb — we will give on the brain. "

Touching upon the issue of corruption, A. Lukashenko expressed his bewilderment at how the officials can not work, and steal, and still go to church and to demonstrate their faith. "All the believers, — he said. — Sometimes I'll see you in church — I think, now thrown to the floor and will knock his head on the floor. Candles are hand held. If you come to the temple and pray so zealously, so devoted to these ideals, why did you steal, why do bad work? I pre-warn you: do not stick your head in the noose itself. I warn everyone: step left, step right — you know what happens. Do not touch someone else's, in fact still come out sideways. "

"If you want to live in the country do not want to lose it, do not want the people you just threw, and I'm with you, these chairs — let's humanly work" — he threatened officials to popular anger.

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