Alexander Mikhailov of Kursk shared experience

  • Alexander Mikhailov of Kursk shared experience

Yesterday, Governor Alexander Mikhailov took part in the meeting, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held in the Novgorod region. The meeting was attended by representatives of interested federal executive authorities, regional leaders and large agribusiness companies.

Issues of state support for greenhouse horticulture, modernizing existing and prospects of building a new greenhouse plants, energy issues and scientific and technological support of the industry.

The meeting became acquainted with the experience of the complex "Novgorod greenhouses," but of the Kursk experience of modern greenhouses at the meeting told the Governor Alexander Mikhailov.

He noted that the total harvest of vegetables in the region exceeded last year's 154,000 tons, but the products are covered ground was less than 3 percent. Nearly 1.5 tons of vegetables are imported from outside, which increases costs, the price and the quality leaves much to be desired. Therefore this problem and ways to solve the regional administration was engaged in a long time. We studied the best domestic and foreign experience in the construction of greenhouses, the use of new technologies for growing vegetables, and then decided to build a complex for the production of modern metal, engineering and technology systems of all types of greenhouses. Within 7 months of this complex area of 11,000 square meters, equipped with modern European equipment, was built in the suburbs of Kursk. Its features allow you to produce up to 100 acres of industrial greenhouses, greenhouses and 200 acres of farm type, more than 1,000 hectares of greenhouses for private households. The technical level of the Kursk greenhouses superior products of foreign companies, and the cost of production is significantly lower greenhouse adapted to the Russian climate conditions have improved energy-saving features, provide the use of modern technologies greenhouse horticulture. They allow the use of new resources tehnologiivyraschivaniya vegetables and flowers in greenhouses that provide competitive products, which is especially important in conditions of Russia's accession to the WTO.

Near the plant for the production of greenhouse production is now being built and demonstration greenhouse complex "Diet-Agro" for growing vegetables and
floral and berry production. Each year, it will produce up to 1.5 million tons of vegetables and 10 million pieces of roses.

The construction of such facilities — is expensive and difficult to implement without the participation of the state, said Governor. Therefore adopted a program of "Development of vegetable greenhouse in Kursk region for 2013-2015 ", in which planned to build at least 50 hectares of greenhouses, bring their total area in the region of up to 70 hectares. The regional budget allocated for this purpose more than 130 million rubles. Most of these funds will be used for the partial reimbursement of costs during construction and installation works, as well as to subsidize the cost of paying the natural gas, heat and electric power.

At the meeting, Alexander Mikhailov proposed a state program for the development of vegetable greenhouse, and to support the development of greenhouse complexes include the acquisition of equipment to the list of products supplied Rosagroleasing and provide soft loans for construction.

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