Alexander Mikhailov proposed to support village

Today, Governor Alexander Mikhailov, attended and spoke at the meeting of the Presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on the implementation of priority national projects and demographic policy. It was held in the Ryazan region (s.Tyushevo), chaired by prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. Discussed the issue of rural development. 

In his speech, the head of the region noted that the Kursk region in recent years to provide a positive dynamics of development of rural industries. In 2012, the gross output value of agriculture in the region amounted to 92 billion rubles, received 5.3 billion rubles of profit margin at the level of 19%.

This was made possible thanks to the implementation of the State program of agricultural development and regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food. If until 2006 on social development of the village was directed annually about 250 million rubles of budget funds, since 2006 — from 350 million rubles, or 40% more. During the period of implementation of the priority national project and the state program on the development of social services in rural areas spent more than 4 billion rubles.

Participation in all activities of the state program allowed in 2006-2012 yy receive subsidies for the construction (purchase) of housing in rural areas in 1240 families, including 667 — the young. In agriculture has created more than 5,000 new jobs. The level of gasification of the region reached 87.5% in rural areas — 68%. Since 2006, as part of the state program laid 1,270 km of pipeline networks, gasified 21,000 households. The goal is by 2015 to bring the level of gasification up to 90% in rural areas — up to 70%.

-We are seeing the positive effects of the State program, continued implementation of sustainable development of rural areas by 2020 will create the conditions for improving the socio-demographic situation in rural areas and further development of the agricultural sector of the economy — summed up Alexander Mikhailov.

He expressed his gratitude to the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture for the allocation of additional funds from the federal budget of $ 87.3 million, and stressed the need to pay more attention at the federal level, the theme of rural development.

Thus, the need for the Kurdish region in the budget funds only in 2013 for the construction of social engineering infrastructure in rural areas is 735 million rubles. In this regard, Governor asked to consider increasing the amount of funding the federal program "Social development of village until 2013," when adjusting the federal budget, as well as increase the budget allocation for the implementation of activities of the new federal program "Sustainable Development of Rural Areas for 2014-2017 and for the period up to 2020."

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