Alexander Shikunov: To Baskakov, we have no complaints. Claims — to our players

In a match in Grozny referee Yuri Baskakov showed nine yellow cards, with eight — guests. In our football Sometimes, of course, and not a "leaf fall", but what is impressive.


Yuri Baskakov, Match referee:

— After the match, representatives of both teams thanked me and my mates for judging. I agree that the ratio of warnings — 8:1, at first glance, it may seem strange. But the reaction of the leaders of both teams, "five", staged inspector SAVKIN, speak for themselves. Moreover, eight warnings one team and one — the other, in my opinion, give a fairly accurate idea of the nature of the match. If, say, I have shown eight cards on the players from both teams (and I have been occasions when I took out of at least ten times), it would be clear that the game was rough. In fact, it was in a normal fight, and most of the episodes I punish offenders for their unsportsmanlike behavior — the so-called petty tricks. The match took place with the benefit of the owners, and Rostov are not always held back their attacks with no fouls. Especially at the end of the meeting, when sought to keep the score tied with the same torque time.


Alexander Shikunov, sporting director of FC "Rostov":

— To Baskakov we have no complaints. Claims — to our players. In my view, only three warnings may be called "workers" — to disrupt other people's attacks in clear violation of the rules. And in other cases, our players showed a basic sloppiness — grabbing the opponents' jersey disputed referee's decisions. On his return to growth, we'll talk about it at a team meeting.

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