All new — well forgotten An old. Defense increases the life of officers

All new - well forgotten old.  Defense increases the life of officers

In the Russian military has developed paradoxical situation where the agency previously intensively dealing with the dismissal of officers, has decided to extend their stay in the service.

According to experts, the Ministry of Defense woke up that frame with a pretty great experience actually left. That's why the bill was designed, according to which the period of availability of the service of the officers and generals was increased. Recall that the main reason of layoffs in recent years — is to achieve maximum age for military service.

The Ministry of Defence has been prepared bill, which increased shelf presence of the military officers and generals for 5 years. So Makar, necessary changes will be made to articles 49 and 53 of the Law "On Military Duty and Military Service". In the words of representatives of the Ministry, the bill provides for the possibility for military service of experienced personnel who hold managerial skills and knowledge a little longer, with a view to sharing experience and knowledge to the young generation.

Press service of the Defense Ministry issued a statement that the bill is intended to increment the age limit for military service officers serving under the contract, as befitting the adjustment of the composition and age of the military personnel who are subject to dismissal and remain at the disposal of the respective chiefs.

In addition, for those soldiers who signed the contract earlier, before the entry into force of the new law, there is a right to retire in store when they reach the prescribed maximum age specified by the contract.

So Makar, the document sets the subsequent age limit: colonels and captains of rank 2 may be in the military service of 50 years, colonels and captains of the 1st rank — up to 55 years, rear admiral, major general, vice admiral and lieutenant general — will serve as a contribution to the 60 — years of age, and the Marshal General of the Army and Navy Admiral — up to 65 years. Earlier, these characteristics were less than 5 years.

In the Ministry, and they say that the adoption of the bill provides for the unity of the institutional and legal framework of civil service, as one approach to securing state service. In other words, today reported age for military service is the greatest age for at least some civilian service.

Many people have a positive attitude to the initiative of a similar agency. Thus, the general of the army, the last chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Union of Russian, and now the deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Moiseyev, showed his approval of the initiative, saying that the military with extensive experience in full life can last an additional 5 years, as "a civilian" in this age it is difficult to find a job. In addition, they gained experience will be for the benefit of the army. In addition, M.Moiseev confident that the bill will not cost the state additional costs from the municipal budget, as all officers will continue to serve in their own positions, and, in addition, will not need to cook them a qualified substitute (which also will allow save municipal funds).

In addition, the general added that the Ministry at this moment trying to preserve at least the officer corps, which had not yet had time to send in store, as finally come to realize the significance of their stay in the service in order to enhance the combat readiness of the armed forces.
A little premature, the same position was expressed by the chairman of the "National Center for social and legal assistance to veterans and invalids of war" Vyacheslav Mikhailov. He said that the representatives of the organizations did not once talk about the need for such a bill, since most of the laid-off in store in the military are not in demand in civilian life. And the opportunity to stay in the Army will allow to increase the efficiency of the armed forces, as the years of service of the officers are saving quite a lot of experience to continue the service.

And yet, according to the president of the academy of geopolitical problems, Gen.-Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, the rules that comprise the new bill, were involved in the years of Russian power. According to him, all the reforms of the Ministry of Defense — it's going in circles, in other words, initially it cancels some specific rules, then there are few changes, corrects, then again they are introduced, only this time in the guise of new initiatives.

But keep in mind, and that if Russian Union of the officers for what was to serve, then the criteria of a modern army has a special no matter what. Russian officer received a huge salary, which exceeded revenues civilian population at least twice. In addition, in those days was almost always solved the housing problem — within 3 months after the start of the service virtually all officers receive enough regular official residence in accordance with the number of family members. If service took place in the town, with the passage of time and managed to get a constant dwelling. If the service took place in a remote garrison — within 3 months of the officer had to provide housing in any town of the USSR. If a person wanted to get home in the capital, he had to finish there or military service to be called from the 1st of the capital's military offices. And what do we have today? Nothing, apart from promises soon to correct the situation.

In addition to everything else, is planned to see and term of the rank. And someone like that for 45 years, previously having the opportunity to become a lieutenant colonel, officer only can later promoted to Major? That will have to serve on, despite the fact that the bill requires the extension of the service on a voluntary basis. But the size of the pension of Major and Colonel are very different in size …

Experts are confident that such a bill is successful, as it is first, a great military experience, their knowledge, and in-2, officers in the army already in short supply. General Ivashov, for example, is perplexed about the obscure reforms Serdyukov, who ruled clearly than taking the decision to reduce the officer corps, destroying the institution of warrant its replacement NCO corps. In such a situation, it remains a mystery: what it was all broken to rebuild later evenly all knit?

Recall that in the past, most of the officers who were fired, went into the merits in store specifically because of the age limit for the service, moreover, the widespread adoption of the practice by increasing the life she found.

But will it help the bill to keep the officers in the ranks? After all, according to countless surveys, 80 percent of the bole of young officers do not intend to serve as a contribution to their age limit, and 70 percent at this point do not behold the no prospects in the military service.

It should also be noted that there is also a certain number of skeptics that bind a similar initiative to the War Department that the "critical" age came and N.Makarova army general who is the chief of the General Staff. Thus, military expert Vladislav Shurigin sure that the bill is written specifically for Makarova, who, by the way, in recent years has fired a lot of good officers, using a specific limit age. For this reason, the generals were dismissed Bulgakov and Moltenskoy thousands of colonels, while most Makarova three times already extended the
term of the service. At this point, he should be fired if the bill does not enter into a legitimate force.

In addition, Shurigin also noted that due to the reduction of the officer corps was almost completely abolished military science, closed a huge number of academies. And if earlier, the Russian time, especially for the most experienced officers was written a personal order to extend the life of the first three, and then another two years, now, and do that anymore. Since the adoption of this bill is very essential. It will help to keep a particularly valuable resource, but it would be even better if it took a couple of years earlier, as the current officers for all their capabilities and knowledges still fail to compete with the veterans of Afghanistan and Chechnya, who were truly priceless.

The fact that the bill could be associated with the intention Makarova longer stand on his position and says Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. With all of this it is very unflattering expressed about the ongoing reforms of the defense department, calling it a mess and mayhem. According to him, the cause of all the problems associated with the modernization of the Russian army, is irresponsible officials. None of them do not take any responsibility for his "reform" and "pass" the ministers are generally weak thing to do. In the end, it turns out that the armed forces do not have enough experienced officers, as most of them were fired, and the rest went by herself. Not enough, and military academies, as they are discontinued for lack of students.

Colonel-General states that for such "games" to criminal penalties. And then there will undermine the country's defense, and money and other material resources are in place. Solely in this case, you can bring even the relative order in the army.

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