All roads lead to the recruitment office (Poll)

All roads lead to the recruitment office (Poll)Completed a long winter, and that means that is not far off vernal call. And each time, as is the case to a date X, start the next debate as to who at this time to give proper credit to his motherland. Increasing influx of correspondence, not only in the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, and in military recruitment at the fact that one or the other can not recruit for a year to serve in the army units. And that is a lot of circumstances. Does anyone suddenly sharply exacerbated sense of pacifism to such an extent that the young man well just loses consciousness on the type of weapons … Anybody there are "old" disease, which now look almost escape from the "iron hand" call to service. Someone is trying to make post-graduate education, having heard that graduate students provided another reprieve. In general, the circumstances in order not to serve is more than appropriate for the service. Many compassionate ancestors reach that knowingly encourage the offspring of self-harm. In medical cards recruits often have records of "svezherublenyh" pointing fingers, broken ribs and other similar things. In other words, people who claim to be the most in the army fear such things as bullying, organize themselves for their own kids — conscripts "accidents" in order to obtain the identity card with a special note.

Unusually, over the past 20 years service in the army for most of the recruits turned into strained duty, which is not even just looks crazy, but keep young people in the real horror. But what is the reason? Neuzh most of the young men of military age are trying to get away from the service of the Fatherland as a modern army behold the one negative. This is partly true.

Previously, popular culture (movies, TV), directly or indirectly promoted the service in the armed forces, but now the situation has changed exactly the opposite. With all due respect to modern art almost always army appears on the screens of some formless substance, permeated by an infinite stupidity, bullying, self-interest and the distance from the actual performance of their own tasks. Yes, of course, on the ground of our vast country has many specific examples of such military units, where fathers commanders collect tribute from the soldiers 'conscripts', where money scam prevail over the officer's duty and honor, where the exercises are held only on paper for the record, before the popup auditors. But let's be honest with ourselves — it's all-Russian trend? Certainly not!

Of the 10 reports on the life of troops viewer can behold 9, which shows only violence, bribery and miserable "painting fences" instead of the actual theoretical and practical training. Only in one case, the recruit will see a rough part where all the activities are focused on increasing the combat readiness as a unit or separately taken serviceman. The pursuit of journalistic sensation sometimes painful pounding the prestige of the army. For obvious reasons, such a one-sided coverage of the situation in the Russian army creates a stereotype that is now going to serve only those who are unable to pay off or other methods to bypass the call. Such a thing as a "army — For the poor "has already become the norm in Russian society. If another 30-40 years ago without passing military service people could not count on the highest position, but now the opportunity to "sit behind" the other managed to transform into a natural state of affairs.

Embryo negative case for service arises for a long time before the boy turns 18. Pretty to look at the current Russian education. Striking example — school. Numerous reforms and the metamorphosis of curricula and programs have led to the fact that the school had more hours of physical training and life safety (or BZ, as it is now called). It would seem that the Ministry of Education is doing everything to improve the level of physical fitness of young people also put them on the path of patriotic education. But it is actually not that far away.

In 1-x, an additional hour of physical education is simply not vsepolnotsenno embody. After all, is well aware that if this is the most extra hour, you should be additional learning tool. Yes, that means there … In the schools just no facilities where one could translate as "good" goal sovereign Fursenko. Well, we do not have, you know, in every Russian school gymnasium or second sets of ski equipment in order to have enough for all students. It turns out — an additional gym class in high school there, and spend his men and maidens, in the best case, just sitting on the benches and watching how engaged the students of other classes. And in the worst case … you yourselves know. Will there be a desire to have a child attending such a lesson? The question of the number of rhetorical.

In-2, the subject of "Safety of Life" or "Safety" — is, to convince many people of the older generation, is something similar on the old good CWP. But to put it mildly, not exactly. Numerous prescription at first almost obliged schools to get their CWC (weapons storage facilities) or special safes for keeping air guns there. But far not all schools were able to raise funds for equipment such rooms. In this regard, the Ministry of Education decided the question with his usual "grace": just withdrew from the educational programs from such section as research tools and practical shooting. But the textbooks BZ get enhanced topic of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases method), and methods of prevention, etc. Well, what can I say — it, of course, fundamental, and what does instill a sense of patriotism. And what sort of army here at all … Not a lot of that in the near future manifested subsequent trend since late January of the schools in droves teachers have quit LoL — male. Almost always, it was the military elderly people who are on their own level, really tried to instill in the young generation of the principles for which it themselves once worn straps. Wages for them was some real incentives — plus a pension. Since 2012, military pensions have risen sharply … A tiny teacher's salary in this case in general has lost its "stimulating" value. And if now conduct monitoring of personnel in schools and secondary special educational institutions, the positions of teachers in most of the BZ own take ladies who added this item 'tied'. It turns out that it was not going well with the civil-patriotic education, and was completely in any way. That young people are judged not by the army of the stories of those who have long years to serve his country, and on the television series, in which neither the officer, the briber is that neither fighter — a full and complete asshole. A middle nor the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Defence or in this situation have not worked out. Well, it is unlikely to have developed, because up there in the minutes tick or report the real situation is much more important things. About verbovanii young teachers for this kind of work and do not have to read. 5000-ruble rate for school teachers BZ and physical education as a sneer on another and it is difficult to call. Here's to you and popularization of military service …

Now let us turn to the pre-election rhetoric of the presidential candidates. Lord Zhirinovsky and Prokhorov in his own speeches publicly they say about the development in the shortest possible time in Russi
a a contract army. Prokhorov promises to abolish conscription immediately, as will be elected president. Zhirinovsky, showing his cap and shoulder straps Colonel Cossack troops, said that he did translate the Russian army on a contract basis until the end of 2012. Tell me, what is this if not rabid populism? With all the sum available cons of a modern system of conscription to abandon it would be just deadly for the security of our borders. After all, do not think, these two politicians that a couple of months, they will gain up to half a million contract. The promises that are more like a phantasmagoria in which weird way believe a certain percentage of Russian people. This position is reflected in the candidate community. After all, if a young man from the screen tele hears that call going to cancel it and will not rush to put off the draft board. Suppose, he says, while others serve as well as I usually wait. In this case, the concept of patriotic education is devalued in the eyes of each of the Russians.

No wonder they say that army — It is nothing else, as a reflection of civilian society. It turns out that before I read about the problems in the Russian armed forces, it would be nice to recreate the social value system, aimed at promoting the performance of military duty.

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