All suspects in the case of beating veteran arrested in the Kuban

All suspects in the case of beating veteran arrested in the KubanGlobal Network has now become, in fact, the case most real geopolitical player, which actually makes each person can find the information he needs at this time. Some people go on the Web to find currency exchange rates, others to visit the Web Toy Shop Lego, Moxie, Zapf, and others — in order to keep abreast of the latest developments. And such actions are often melts from which can be simply not for you.

To one of the most high-profile cases last week, attracted the attention of 10 million users prefer the Web, is an attack on the Russian veteran Lofty, who lived near the town of Armavir. Unknown crept into the house of 86-year-old Peter Zhivotinskogo, which watching telly, began to press the ailing old man 100 thousand rubles, and then heard from him that such funds to the house there, began to beat the veteran. Stealing about 4,000 rubles, a mobile phone and disrupting military services with a jacket Peter Zhivotinskogo, offenders decide to cover their tracks and burn down the house with his owner.

But veteran miraculously managed to get out of the burning house, and with severe injuries and burns, was rushed to a clinic Armavir. After a number of days 2-geeks who made a terrible act, the police managed to arrest the Kuban. They were the villagers Peter Zhivotinskogo, one of whom is 21 years old, and the second — 23. They have already given testimony grateful for the fact they committed the crime. But in the case of the attack on the 86-year veteran and has been involved one people which while on the run.

Deal under his control is taken governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev, and you can expect that the third person involved will be caught in recent years.
It is difficult to imagine myself than be guided by people who go on this kind of crime. If we talk about the moral side of things, these people do not just do not have the right to remain in the community, and have until the end of his days to feel the whole nightmare of what they did. It seems that alcoholism and drug addiction in Russia have gained such an extent that people fall under the power of these vices, even stop to think about what they are doing. There is no public scrutiny in this case will not help.

In such situations, sometimes you start to regret that in Russia there is a moratorium on the death penalty as such offenders can not be the smallest excuse.


All of the suspects in the attack on Peter Zhivotovsky arrested and have already given testimony grateful. Third detainee was an inhabitant of the Red Polyana, in which lives and injured. This was said yesterday, ""

According to the Head of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory Igor Zhelyabin, while traversing Chyrvonaarmeiski yards in the area was arrested last suspect in the case — Yuri Antonov, 1985 p. He has already given the grateful testimony.

Antonov accomplices were taken earlier in the village Novomyshastovskaya Krasnoarmeyskiy district. When they found a real confirmation. Attackers have confessed to the crime.

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