Almetyevsk clinic received the latest medical equipment

August 8 a ceremonial launch of the new equipment in Gause "Almetyevsk city hospital № 3". In a solemn ceremony date equipment presented the assembled dignitaries. The resulting equipment will as accurately diagnose the disease and prescribe effective treatments, improve accessibility and enhance the quality of the provision of out-patient care.
Gause "Almetyevsk city hospital № 3" — is a modern medical facility, the pride of the city's health. In 2009, the clinic celebrated its 15th anniversary. Polyclinic number 3 is a seven-storey building has a planned capacity of 850 visits per shift, serves a population of more than 48,000 people. Outpatient care is provided by 24 — m directions. The clinic expanded day hospital with 30 beds therapeutic profile.
In July 2012 due to sponsorship of OAO "Tatneft" the institution has received the latest diagnostic equipment. Modern medicine can not be imagined without ultrasound. Among the very first medical technology has arrived and started to operate a fixed color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus SonoScape expert class. Acquired ultrasound scanner is versatile hardware, the kit which includes ultrasonic sensors to use ultrasound machine for different types of measurements and research. Ultrasound Scanner is indispensable in obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology, surgery and therapy. Ultrasound helps in diagnosing the disease at an early stage of development, which allows for the most rapid onset of treatment.
Acquired endoscopic equipment manufactured by «Olimpus» Japan, meets all the requirements of modern medicine, has high flexibility of endoscopic tubes, equipped with optical and lighting feature that allows you to get a certain image of the internal surface of the body that has no distortion, thus improving diagnostic quality. Currently, endoscopy is recognized as one of the most effective and efficient methods of investigation, when the internal organs of human studied with the use of optics. Availability of quality endoscopic equipment warranted by the physician and facilitates the health of the patient during the study procedures.
A striking example of technological excellence, speed and quality of a non-contact Tonometer Reichert 7 for ophthalmology. A pleasant surprise was how to ophthalmologists and patients acquisition of this unit for clinics. It is the most modern, high-tech device that is only for 1 second, non-contact (do not touch the patient's eye) with a pulse of air flow is determined by the true intraocular pressure. The advantage of this method is the speed, accuracy and ease of measurement, the lack of direct contact with the latter, and the need for anesthesia, repeated measurements are possible with the computation of the mean pressure. Non-contact tonometer is the most popular among ophthalmologists large clinics that allows for safe and accurate measurement of intraocular pressure even in the early preoperative period. The measurement of intraocular pressure the most comfortable for the patient in the form of light streams of air. Until now, the measurement of intraocular pressure produced by the method Maklakova, it took a determined time and was associated with significant discomfort to the patient.
No less unique equipment is avtorefraktokeratometr HRK — 7000, production of S. Korea. Avtorefraktokeratometr — is a computer vision diagnostics, capable for a few seconds to bring objective research and identify even minimal refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism). The acquired unit of South Korean firms Huvitz — automatic, high-precision measuring eye refraction and keratometry allows — measurement of the curvature of the cornea. Know the curvature of the cornea to the selection of contact lenses. Refraction of the cornea is fully automated. The patient is only required to maintain a fixed position of the head and look at the fixation mark. The obtained results of the survey are used in the selection of glasses and contact lenses. It should be noted that avtorefraktokeratometr much faster and easier work of a specialist, especially in the diagnosis of astigmatism. Many people wear glasses irrelevant to their objective visual parameters. This happens for several reasons: incorrect prescriptions written, or glasses made long ago, and eyesight deteriorated. The method is quite accurate, fast, safe, convenient and simple.
The newest machine for functional diagnostics in neurology Neuron-Spectrum-4 has no Russian peers, is a versatile, reliable, electroencephalograph, allowing to perform all the currently known neurofunctional research.

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