Almetyevsk LEDs: a bet on emerging market

In April, Almetyevsk of "Radio set" will begin assembly of LED (LED) lamps under license JSC "OptoGaN" (St. Petersburg). Then there will be a joint venture, the details of the organization of which is now being worked out. In a joint venture with a total investment of about 500 million share of the St. Petersburg company will be 30% (supply LED components and the transfer of technology LED-lights), Tatarstan companies provide equipment and organization of production. At full capacity (about 20 thousand lights for different purposes) the entity to be issued in 2012.
The project's success is predetermined policy of the republican authorities, aimed at the creation of Tatarstan "energy-efficient society", as well as build-up of budget financing of innovation.
Recall that an agreement on strategic cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan with "OptoGaN" was signed in the presence of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov within the II international exhibition "Nanotechnologies. Kazan-2010 "and the XI international conference" Nanotechnologies in industry "in December last year. The agreement provides for the establishment of a joint venture for the production of LED lamps on the basis of "Almetyevsky factory" Radio set "with the participation of" OptoGaN. "

Note that the group of companies "OptoGaN" originated in 2004, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of high-brightness LEDs and LED modules. In 2010, the group purchased a large plant for the assembly of electronic devices in St. Petersburg, where he launched the first production line. Her performance of more than 300 million LEDs per year, with about 60% of production is sold on the general market, 40% will be given to regional joint ventures, the company stated.

Creation of a joint venture with Almetyevsk now fits into the strategy of promoting "Optogan" to the regions.

It was assumed that the agreement on the establishment of the joint venture will be concluded in the first quarter of 2011, however, told the "View" on the Almetyevsk enterprise, this has not yet happened. As explained by the "View" Strategic Development Director of JSC "OptoGaN" Denis Gorbatyuk, to date, coherent economic model of the future joint venture. Now the process of negotiation of the Treaty of participants, which reflects the main issues of corporate governance of the company: functions of the governing bodies, the Board of Directors, its responsibility and authority, and the responsibility and authority of the CEO. "Since the plant has several shareholders, as in" Optogan ", that is a long process, it is planned to complete it by June," — said Denis Gorbatyuk.

He added that, in parallel, work is underway to localize production of components (except for the LED matrix and drivers). It is planned that all the parts of shells shall be made in the region, partly at the plant. The search for providers and the establishment of production. According to the model of "Office 45" managed to solve this problem, the other models are in the process of localization.

Meanwhile, at the JSC "Plant Almetyevsky" Radiopribor "begins in April licensed assembly fixtures under the brand name" OptoGaN "told" View "deputy general director of the company Ildar Haziyev. First, it will be one model "Office 45", then assortment line will be increased. Licensed assembly will be made until the organization of the joint venture.

Such a scheme is "pre-contractual" cooperation will be launched in other regions of the JSC "OptoGaN", for example, in the same time frame starts in Yakutia. Negotiations are underway to launch licensed production in the Amur region, Veliky Novgorod, Belgorod, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Bashkortostan, Kaliningrad, as well as in Belarus.

I must say that Almetyevsk "Radiopribor" is not new to the market of LED technology. The company has for three years, produces lighting technology company "Svetlana-Optoelectronics": office, street and industrial.

According to Ildar Gazieva, cooperation with "OptoGaN" — is the logical continuation of the policy of the enterprise.

However, from the development of the range of LED technology in the enterprise in no hurry to give up completely. For example, spotlights produced significantly lower the cost of those that offer "OptoGaN." "We will upgrade them and continue to produce more — says Ildar Haziyev. — By the end of this semester we will complete the work on their adaptation to the voltage of 220 volts. "

Develop production is planned for the factory premises, released earlier due to a significant reduction in the volume of production of defense products.

It is assumed that the equipment will be purchased with funds allocated by the company to re-Almetyevsk its founders. Recall the previous year it was reported that up to 2015 of Tatarstan and the GC "Russian Technologies" plan to invest in the modernization of three companies: Kazan of "Radio set", JSC "Plant Almetyevsky" Radiopribor "and JSC" Kazan electrical plant "about 700 million rubles. This means the Republic, the Russian Federation Industry and Trade Ministry, GC "Russian Technologies" and other sources. "This will in 2015 to increase the total volume of industrial production of these enterprises to 3.8 billion rubles, today the total volume of production is about 800 million rubles," said the then Minister of Industry and Trade Ravil Zaripov. GC "Russian Technologies" has developed for these two enterprises development program: the complex loading, upgrading and modernization.

The development strategy of enterprises implies a broad diversification, a good example of which can serve as the beginning of the production of such a promising products like lighting devices based on LEDs.

However, while talking about a serious demand for LEDs in Tatarstan is not necessary, and in many ways because of the high prices that can fall only at high production volumes. Potentially fast-growing sector of the market is now being formed. Until now, of "Almetyevsky plant" Radiopribor "implemented through the participation of LED lamps in the Republican address program overhaul of multifamily housing. Fixtures installed in doorways and on the facades of houses Al'met'evsk and it has significantly reduced the costs of tenants for lighting of public places (MOS). "Spot lights provide energy savings of 10 compared to 40-watt bulb — said Ildar Haziyev. — Experience has shown that the return fixture at the entrance of one year. "

On Almetyevsk "Radiopribor" trying to popularize the idea of the introduction of LED lighting, make the products in demand and establish implementation.

In the development of the already established marketing practices to the needs of utilities are negotiating with management companies and utilities serving the tenement house in the country and in other regions.

Trial lots of LED lamps supplied by JSC "ALNAS", JSC "BEPP", held presentations for OJSC "Tatneft" and other enterprises Al'met'evsk and Leninogorsk. "Orders are, but it is too early to say that the production came on stream," — says Ildar Haziyev.

Still doubt the prospects of the project and the demand of enterprise no reason: the state has regulated the administrative pha
se-out of incandescent light bulbs in favor of more fuel-efficient. Tatarstan's government is also extremely interested in improving energy efficiency in the region. In late 2010, the republican authorities have presented a new energy resource efficiency target program until 2015 and until 2020, developed on the basis of the Federal Law № 261-FZ. The program should be a tool of construction in Tatarstan "energy-efficient society" and will require financing in the amount of more than 220 billion rubles: it will be as budgetary funds and private investors.

Time and money. Issue 62 (3499) of 12 April 2011
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Author: Nina AGAYEV "View"

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