Already weekend, October 23 — 24

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


High: -3 ° … +3 ° C, by day 5 — 10 ° C.


October 24 is the deadline for the content Baykova under house arrest. Most likely, this measure will be extended.

Do not pass:

October 23

* In R-Club in Minsk will host a festival of reggae music and hip-hop, where the group will perform'' Addis Ababa,'''' warm things'', Simba Vibration and so on. Beginning at 18.00.
* If you do not like in the P-Club, you can still succeed in NEC "BelEkspo in Minsk — where festival of" hip-hop movement, "to which the expected presentation of the joint album" Basta "and Guf, and Hamil and Snake (Caste ) .. Start at 19.00 '

* In the Brest regional socio-cultural center at 18.00 the group will perform "Palace".

October 24

* In R-Club in the children's music project "Baby-Boom" a charity concert "All of the drum." All funds raised will go to purchase drums for children from children's home number 6 and orphanage for children with special needs. In kants1rtse participating groups Awindar, Nagual, Alta Mente, Recha, Oh.ra, Zhambibum, Silver Whisper.
Beginning at 18.00

In Minsk at the Small Hall of the G.Shirma Dyarzhfilgarmonii a concert ensemble of soloists "Classic-Vanguard", led by Vladimir Baydova. The concert is dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Grunwald. Beginning at 19.00.

In the Minsk Palace of the Republic will make a legend of world jazz — Glenn Miller Orchestra under the Will Saldena. Beginning at 19.00.

There is a reason:

October 23

Day of Remembrance of the Hungarian uprising of 1956

October 24

International Day of United Nations

International Development Information Day


October 23

* October 23, 1920 born Italian children's writer Gianni Rodari, and in 1940 was born the king of Brazilian soccer Paleo. His real name — Edisan Arantsis do Nasimentu.

* October 23, 2003 Chechen soldiers seized hundreds of hostages in a Moscow theater on Dubrovka. During the campaign the release of 129 hostages were killed and 41 winner.

October 24

* October 24 — 215 years ago, in 1795 m, there was a third partition of Poland.

* October 24, 1945 came into force the UN Charter

MINUS 365:

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Quote to remember:

"When Maradona thinks he is — the best footballer in the century, that is his problem"- Paleo.

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