Already weekend, October 30 — 31


On the court:

Rain, fog in the morning, in the afternoon of 6 to 12 Celsius.

Do not pass:

On Saturday and Sunday a lot of events to mark the Grandfathers.

In Svislochi and Yakushovke October 30 will honor the memory of brothers Kalinovskys. Participants of the trip going to the next 10-hours with the Orthodox cemeteries in Svislochi.

Admirers Anatolia Sysa on Saturday to visit his grave and his home village Goroshkov, collection in 12 hours.

In Minsk on Sunday — the permitted march and rally. At 10.30 the demonstrators gather in front of the watch factory near the metro station "Park Chelyuskintsev" and the 2nd hour of the day — a rally in Kurapaty.


In China, the official closing of the World exhibition World Expo, the final show, as well as the beginning of "Miss Universe".


October 30, 1988 in Minsk meeting-requiem for the victims of Stalinism, which was violently broken up by the communist authorities.

October 31, 1937 was shot by the NKVD executioners Anton Balitskii — statesman, one of the active agents of policy Belarusization in Byelorussia.

October 31, 1961 Stalin's body was carried out of the mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow. Together with Lenin, Stalin spent eight years.

There is a reason:

October 31 in Belarus is traditionally revered Luke. As the ethnographer Vladimir, in this day everywhere celebrated the autumn weddings and happy happy matchmakers stated: "In our Lukasz girl."

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom": "Excessive demand for surgical masks in Minsk"

Quote to remember:

"Not money, not fame — I will want" — Anatoly Sys.

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