ALROSA in I quarter by 5% increased sales of diamonds — up to $ 1.2 billion

"ALROSA" in the first quarter of 2013 increased diamond sales by 5% compared to the same period in 2012 — about 1,215 billion dollars, according to kompaniya.Dobycha diamonds for the quarter decreased by 7.4% — to 7.5 million ct. "The decline in diamond production in the first quarter — the planned and will be compensated in the following quarters, so that the plan, we execute (34,4-34,5 million carats)," — the agency "Prime" in the company.


The volume of investment in fixed assets in the first quarter amounted to 4 billion rubles, of which about 1.8 billion rubles spent on the construction of underground mines World Aihal and successful.

Budget exploration and eksplorazvedochnyh work of the first quarter — 1.33 billion rubles. Due to the exploratory work on the exploited and prepared for operation deposits for the quarter provided the total reserves increased by 13.6 million carats.

ALROSA — Russia's largest diamond producer, accounting for about 25% of world production, 97% of all diamonds in Russia. Diamond mining group in 2012 amounted to 34.4 million carats (27% of world diamond output in real terms), the overall implementation of diamonds — 4.61 billion, which is 3.5% higher than sales in 2011.

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