Altai food industry moving to new hardware

In the Altai region large investment projects in the food industry. Pace-makers are companies in Rubtsovsk and Tretyakovsky area.

So, on Rubtsovskaya company of "Miller" began producing pasta-dlinnorezy. This line is the final phase of the ambitious project in the history of the company. The total cost of the project — 477 million rubles. It allows you to reduce the cost of transportation, which is important because of the growth of railway tariffs, said the official site of the administration of the Altai Territory.

In the area of the Tretyakov opened milk processing plant GC "Kiprino."

— LLC "Tretyakovski Creamery" since 2001 is part of the agricultural production holding "Kiprino", which produces more than 30 kinds of cheese and butter, supplies its products to all regions of the Urals to the Far East — the official website of the regional administration.

In January 2007, the company rebuilt the new plant, updated equipment for the production of hard cheeses. Total project cost — 643,700,000 rubles, including the amount of credit — 490,200,000 rubles from its own sources 153,500,000 rubles.

— This automated process control system, making cheese, as in this plant, the present does not exist in the province, or in the entire eastern part of the country east of the Urals — informed official website.

The production capacity of the new plant LLC "Tretyakovski Creamery" is 220-225 tons of milk a day. The production will be carried out on the basis of modern computer technology, manual labor will not grow.

According to the regional authorities, the preliminary calculations and arrangements indicate that the plant will be fully provided with raw materials. The supply of milk for processing will be carried out from 17 agricultural organizations Zmeinogorsk, Tretyakov, Kuryinsky, Loktevsky and Krasnoschekovskogo areas.

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