Altai Poultry Chicken Duck buys in France breeding ducks eggs Peking breed

Press service of the Main Department of Agriculture Altai region reported that poultry "Chicken Duck" Pavlovsky District once again breeding company brings an egg from France.

 Experts KGBU "Center of agricultural counseling" to accompany the next deal to purchase French breeding eggs Peking ducks breed.

As experts of the center and the import of birds have a higher carcass weight and the best taste, lean meat, diet.

Eggs delivered by plane from Paris to Novosibirsk. Then — by road to the village Cheremnyh Pavlovsky District.

Peking duck egg breeds of France, "Chicken Duck" imports since 2010. The Company intends to continue to cooperate with foreign partners.

Besides the implementation of duck meat LLC "Chicken Duck" young birds annually sells to the public. In the near future the company will open the season of the day-old chicks.

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