Alternative Energy raises its head in the Ukraine


International auditing company Ernst &Young in November for the first time in our country included the quarterly report Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices, which collected data on the top 40 leaders of states that are most attractive for investment in alternative energy. Ukraine immediately took a rating of 32-th position, becoming the first of the five countries included in the ranking for the first time (other than us, it's Hungary, Israel, Argentina and Tunisia), and ahead of such "old-timers" list as Austria, the Czech Republic and Chile.

New incentives

In assessing the level of investment attractiveness of the state for a "green" investment experts also evaluated the amount of realized projects. In 2011, their number has grown substantially indeed. Austria's Activ Solar has completed the construction of the Crimea in the world and the fourth largest in Central and Eastern Europe, the solar park "Okhotnikovo" capacity of 80 MW. Up to 60 MW of power brought another Crimean solar park — "Perov." Although the park's construction in progress, it is among the ten largest in the world. The company "Renji Development" (Kiev) plans before the end of 2012 to build in the Vinnitsa region six photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 50 MW. The project cost is estimated at 110 million euros. Czech Ekotechnik Praha group of companies continues to build solar park 42 MW in Bohuslav (Kiev region)., And next year it will begin construction of the first solar plant in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Until the end of the year will be increased power and wind energy projects. Will increase to 57.5 MW capacity wind farm "Novoazovs'k" already installed capacity of 25 MW wind farm "Ochakivs'kyi" in the Donetsk region. In mid-November for the first 3 MW wind turbine has been installed at the site of OOO "Vindkraft Ukraine" in the Kherson region (total power projects — 140 MW, the volume of investments — 2.8 billion USD). Preparatory work before building a wind farm site Botievo "DTEK Priazovsky" already completed DTEK. In the Kherson region is also implementing projects, LLC "SivashEnergoProm." At the station, up to 300 MW (project cost 500 million euros) to the end of the year will be the first stage of a capacity of 2 MW.

Have clarified

Ernst &Young experts point out that the main factors for the emergence of our country in the ranking have a lot of potential production of all types of alternative energy and a favorable legislative provisions that allow this potential is realized. One of the recent legislative innovations that will boost investment in the sector, was ordering the "rules of local content." According to him for the "green" tariff company will use a certain amount of equipment and raw materials Ukrainian origin.

Initially it was prescribed in the Law "On Power" back in 2009 are in place to support national manufacturers of materials and equipment for renewable energy, and to protect the domestic market from the dumping of Asian suppliers. According to the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, a similar mechanism is widespread in the world. For example, Canada and Turkey for the "green" tariff share of local materials and equipment shall not be less than 60%. European companies are able to implement "green" electricity is more expensive, provided that the plant is 100% of equipment produced in the EU.

In 2009, the "local content rule" formulated clearly. Were washed out criteria for the definition of the companies for which was to take effect in the next "threshold" of Ukrainian components — 15%, 30% and 50%. In addition, it was unclear whether the touch which comes from 1 January 2012 rule more than 100 stations have already received the "green" tariff. But after the refinements made to the document in Parliament on November 18, the rate is read clearly: Requirements for required amount of local equipment will be used only for projects that started after January 1, 2012 Directly from the new year with the "green" tariff will be able to count those stations where the share of Ukrainian materials, equipment and labor will be 15%. In 2013, this bracket will increase to 30% and in 2014 — to 50%.

Not so bad

Until recently, the business environment had serious misgivings as to be able to meet the bulk of investors 'renewed' local content rule. " However, to date, for such fear seems to be no particular reason. Some stations are already under construction now contain up to 40% of domestic constituents through the active introduction in Ukraine of capacities for the production of components for renewable energy. For example, Kharkov "Turboatom" provides a full range of design and manufacturing of turbines and other components for small-scale hydropower. Zaporozhye JSC "Semiconductor Factory" last year launched a one of the largest and most technologically challenging projects in Ukraine — the production of high purity polysilicon. It is the basic raw material for the solar industry. In upgrading already invested over 350 million euros. It is planned that the investment will exceed one billion euros. Until recently, the production of silicon in such amounts could afford only six countries: the U.S., Japan, Germany, Italy, Norway and China. In addition, the growing silicon crystals Ltd. is engaged in "Silicon" (Kirovograd region.) And Kiev Ltd. "Prologue Semikor" and LLC "Pillar". Production of solar cells and assembly of panels shall Kiev firm "Quasar".

The volume capacity for the manufacture of components for the "green" stations will be built up, including through the transfer of foreign enterprises in Ukraine. Until the end, one of the world leaders in the field of wind energy, the German company will build wind turbines Fuhrlaender for our market at the facilities of "Kramatorsky Heavy Machine Tool Plant." The first cars will be shipped to Ukrainian customers in January 2012 Fuhrlaender previously negotiated the organization of production with Kramatorsk manufacturer of forgings and castings for power engineering — PJSC "EMSS", which also has the capability to manufacture components for establishing a modern wind generators. Issue towers and nacelles for wind turbines should soon begin and the Dnepropetrovsk plant "Pivdenmash." The agreement to provide technology for the production of such a global industry leader — the Danish company Vestas Wind System — was signed this summer. The first tower will be released in mid-2012, and the planned capacity of Ukrainian production is projected at 100-150 and 150 towers and nacelles for wind turbines a year.

The transfer of production to Ukraine would not only further increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, but also the development of high-tech machinery, the products of which may eventually become a major article of domestic exports. And the improvement of the conditions for the conduct of "green" business in the country will increase the level of investment attractiveness as a renewable energy industry, and the state as a whole.

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