Always povinet soldiers

Always blame the soldiers

Alexander Shlakin he went into the army. Now it will be possible behind bars

In the company of Soldiers' mothers of St. Petersburg "Theological asked Lena, a relative of Alexander Shlakina, which was involved in a catastrophic incident on the night of 8 to 9 April, when during a training exercise, killing two officers. They were shot out of the tank. The military part in Kamenka, as you know, "famous" catastrophic incidents.

— We were there after killing the two officers at the exercises, met with the colonel, who was temporarily appointed acting commander, and at the moment it has also taken off, — said chairman of the human rights organization "Soldiers' mothers of St. Petersburg" Ella Polyakova . — With a new, just have not met yet appointed, but look forward to the interaction. In Kamenka very languid situation: the killing, and stealing, and unskilled, untrained fighters. We have many years of watching this. And now fear that guilty for what happened, make a fighter, but blame the system: there is difficulty with the technique, and with the staff, and managers.

So, two months after the incident uniformly clearer picture of the disaster, which has previously no one counting the "Soldiers' Mothers did not want to read. A criminal case under Article 349 of the Criminal Code — "Violation of the rules of appeal with the gun, negligently caused the death of 2-hoo or more persons." Fighter Alexander Shlakin, the one who made the fatal shot, asked for help.

According to him, it was like this: tank crew lost orientation and could not reach the target, as reported many times on the radio battalion commander. Highlighting the device pane was inadequate because not all features were visible right. As a result, the tank cannon was deployed to 180 degrees. From the battalion commander and the commander of the tank followed by team shoot. Shell hit the tower, where the officers.

There is a consequence. Blaming no one has yet presented. But the relatives of a fighter who is training battle was a gunner, believe that Shlakina make a scapegoat. The command is trying to prove that fighter-conscripts were trained, often involved in the shooting. But there's a lot of inconsistencies.

Urgent change light bulbs in the device pane of the tank, a bad job that Alexander was once reported to the company commander, but there was no reaction from him is not headed for fit. "In the last training battle — report Theological Lena — nephew reported to the commander that he did not have shoot standard missiles in general and in the night and it was. This statement was ignored by the commander. "

— We shot for educational purposes only of days, NIGHT MODE I never fired, said about it before the race during training company commander, but he said nothing in reply, — said Alexander Shlakin — I actually thought that, for sure, the forest came . In the unit I saw the goal, said the commander of the tank: watching the target. Commander said about the battalion commander, who gave the command to make the shot. What I had taken for the purpose, of course, was either light or laptop from the officers on the tower. During firing this should be disabled only illuminated target.
What I watched in the device, looked quite as well as the target. There is no difference.

— When the commission came from Moscow, then uttered that for this type of exercise should be used armor-piercing shells, and we have acted high-explosive. In high-explosive shells More striking force, fragments fly and hit everything within a radius of 50-100 meters. And if fired anti-armor, the same rig would be broken, but the officers were able to stay alive. The same missiles we shot and Lad Camp.

— At the moment, the investigator and the designated consequence lawyer bezotstupno recommend Sasha owes nothing to say, do not lure the media attention to the course of the investigation — told a relative of Alexander Shlakina Theological Lena — Two weeks back, when relatives came to collect the money for a lawyer, I realized that it wished to do the latter. Free lawyer here has requested 15 thousand rubles. I think his mistake — this is a consequence of all the superior officers. No, he shot himself at his own request. In the army, everything is done on the orders. He simply obeyed the order, which he was given. Means this is a mistake of those who gave the orders, and Sasha was only a performer.

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