American technology in the Russian engine

The Americans launched "Antares". This booster has developed a private company Orbital Sciences Corporation. With it planned to deliver cargo to the ISS. It seems that in America, the era of private spaceflight.


In the short term, "Antares" is used to send into space now under construction cargo vehicle "Cygnus". That's why as part of a test flight to orbit was deduced his imitation.

The satellite was launched from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) in Virginia. April 22 at 01:00 Moscow time.

However, the launch of "Antares" would not have happened without our technologies and developments of Russian scientists. The first stage of the launch vehicle was equipped with two engines NK-33/AJ26 developed in Samara JSC "Kuznetsov" (Included in the DCS which, in turn, is part Corporation Rostekhnadzor) And upgraded by Aerojet. After 235 seconds, making the business the first step, as it should, separated at an altitude of 135 kilometers. All systems worked fine: the rocket and the engine passed the test.

Starting the "Antares" — an important step for American independence in the acquisition space. In fact, after the program "Space Shuttle" was terminated, NASA no longer able to independently deliver into orbit astronauts and cargo. This not only requires additional financial costs (the Americans are now flying, as a rule, Russian ships), but reduces international prestige and opportunities for long-term studies on the ISS.

"Antares" — the development of private property. Because of the problems with public funding U.S. space industry is gradually commercialized. The fact that this project used is the Russian engine, says the demand and competitiveness of Russian technology. Therefore, we can in good conscience be happy for the successes of our age-old rivals in space.

The Russian "member" of the American "mission" — NK-33/AJ26

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