Americans heard the voice of his daughter 8 years after her death

May 7, 2012 13:18

Electrician Gary Galka of the U.S. state of Connecticut, claims that he was able to record the voice of his dead daughter Melissa, 8 years after her death.

Americans heard the voice of his daughter 8 years after her death

According to Day.Az, He said this on the air transfer «Ghost Adventures» («The Adventures of ghosts") on TV «Travel Channel».

According to Gary, his daughter died in a car accident at age 17, in 2004. However, after her death in the house checked, where in addition to the head of the family lives and his wife Cindy, and two daughters, Jennifer and Heather began to occur unexplained phenomena. Calls were heard at the door, when there was no one on the outside, the TV changes channels spontaneously, households always felt the presence of another invisible entity in the rooms of the apartment, which is at times touching. Youngest daughter Heather told her father that three times in the house saw the outlines of his dead sister Melissa.

All this pushed Gary to create the device to communicate with the other world. He came up with the installation, which he called "Mel Meter 8704" on behalf of his daughter, her birth and death. With this setup, which is a kind of electromagnetic sensors and other means, he was able to write the words of his daughter, when she said, "Hi, Dad. I love you. "

Understand the shock of his father, who lost his daughter in a car accident, you can. It is hard to imagine the stress that he experienced. Perhaps family Jackdaws until the end and could not come to terms with the loss of a family member. However, one must admit that he has emerged and commercial streak. Gary has created a few years around 30 vehicles to communicate with the "parallel worlds", which he sells. Their prices range from 79 to 350 U.S. dollars, reports

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