Amur spaceport-Student teams

July 2013. Blagoveshchensk. Victory Square. On the "construction of the XXI century," as 40 years ago, sent a consolidated student group. The new generation is waiting stroyotryadovtsev no longer the Baikal-Amur Mainline, and spaceport "East."

Summer semester work — it's not just romance. While everyone has their own reason to travel to the "East", the significance of the Baikonur for the region and the country, these guys understand correctly.

"This is a building of national and even global scale. In the future it will be possible to tell the children and grandchildren, I built a spaceport," — says Ksenia Muzychenko, a student of the Amur Teachers College.

A couple of years ago, there were only pegs. Today, from the federal highway is a road to the spaceport. While groundwater, temporary, for the builders erected in just a year assembly and test facility of the future spaceport, which will prepare for the start of rockets and spacecraft. Almost ready and the command post. In contrast to the Baikonur there is no underground bunkers. Start from here will be eco-friendly and reliable rockets.

"This will be the spaceport tomorrow. Promising things there will be practiced: missile units. Fact that can not be done at Baikonur", — says Vladimir Popovkin, head of the Federal Space Agency.

Future engineers entrusted to build the "heart" spaceport — the launch pad for the spacecraft "Soyuz-2".

"Soyuz-2" — a three-stage booster of the middle class. Built in Samara, Rocket and Space Center "Progress Samara Space Center." The missile does not cause damage to the environment. Fuel used kerosene and liquid oxygen. Missile launch pads "Soyuz-2" built in Baikonur, Plesetsk and at the Guiana Space Center. "Soyuz-2", depending on the modification can be put into orbit from 3 to 10 tonnes of payload. The first rocket launch in November 2004 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Today, the main work here — poured a heavy-duty multi-level foundation. Technology perfected over the years, but for future professionals is a novelty.

"At this point in the area, we employ 200 people. Each position their sentences should be the launch pad in 2015 to build", — says Alexei Smirnov, the foreman of the construction site launch pad.

The largest detachment sent Moscow State Engineering Institute. On the construction of the "East" has some students from Khabarovsk and, of course, Blagoveshchensk.

"The guys are young, healthy, eager for the fight, literate. With their arrival we have almost twice the performance has improved. Though, like, do not know how, but quickly grasp on the fly. Again show — everybody does," — Sergey praises students Ivashov , foreman builders cosmodrome "East."

For the first time the construction of the "East" of future specialists brought in last year. The experience was a success. The winners and the students who get the necessary skills and Contractors "project of the century", decided the problem of labor shortages.

"As the youth can not be attractive spaceport, as may be the future without youth? Very pleased that this idea is fully supported and the customer — Roscosmos — and of course, the general contractor," — said Konstantin Chmarov, Minister of the Government of the Amur region for the construction of the cosmodrome.

Tents in the past century. Builders live spaceport in comfortable cars. To 4 people in a room similar to the coupe.

The first national civilian space center is being built next to the former garrison Uglegorsk, near the town free. Up to 90 are on duty were terrible, intercontinental ballistic missile RS-10. After the reduction of armaments from the banks of the river Zeya run civilian satellites.

Much of the future of space launches have already been created by nature. Amur Oblast — Seismic safety zone, 300 days a year here, sunny weather. The new missiles will be environmentally friendly and will not harm the Far Eastern taiga.

"The fuel used in the launch vehicle will be environmentally friendly. Therefore matching areas of impact with the local authorities, with environmentalists will occur at a slower mode and will not cause those impulsive reactions that today it sometimes causes," — said Alexander Fadeev, General Director of FSUE "TSENKI."

Cosmodrome "East" — not only the launch site, but also residential, and Tech Zone, powerful infrastructure for those who work here. Also — Akademgorodok, training base for cosmonauts and space tourists. And the new science city, to be called the name of the founder of the Russian Tsiolkovsky cosmism. It will live up to 40,000 people.

"I personally want to be proud of, that in Russia there is such a complex, a space center that meets all requirements. It will be the best," — said Alexander Morozov, a student of the Far Eastern Railway University.

"If such a facility is built, the infrastructure is being built under it. Construct infrastructure — developing the region. For me it's pride, a pride for my country. I am a patriot. I want to work in this country, I want to invest in this country their efforts, I want to that this country has evolved, and that my children got a good country. I am willing to give this country.'s what for me cosmodrome "East" — adds Gregory Kudryavtsev, a student of the Moscow Civil Engineering University.

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