An-124-100 Ruslan has been granted

Press Release Company "Aviastar-SP"

As part of the reconstruction and modernization of the fleet of the Ministry of Defence handed over to the customer once the AN-124-100 "Ruslan".


In the production of the final assembly "Aviastar-SP" on the aircraft carried a full range of work covered by the contract: execution of hydraulic complex, fuel system, chassis, front and rear gidrolyuka. The modernization of the individual elements of the ship in order to maintain and improve the technical and operational performance, increase reliability of the aircraft.

Then, on the flight test station on the An-124-100 "Ruslan" made all the ground tests, the race engines and other maintenance work. In JSC "Spektr-Avia" ship was painted. Further test flights carried out successfully, and representatives of organizations operating within ten days of receiving the aircraft were planned. After the approval and adoption of all documentation and equipment operator crew made a familiarization flight. Form has been issued on the life of the aircraft, after which the ship went to the home airfield.

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