AN-148 and AN-158 were additions to the Type Certificate

As the site of the Interstate Aviation Committee, April 19 An-148 and An-158 received a supplement to the certificate type. Maximum landing weight of the An-158 is increased to 38,800 kg. Also, the An-148 and An-158 can now take off on the mode of operation is less than the take-off.

 AN-148 — a regional short-haul aircraft, designed for comfortable transportation of 68 passengers. Flight distance of 3.5 million km, cruising speed — 800-870 km / h A feature of this type of aircraft is a high-mounted engine, which allows the aircraft to take off and land on the ground, even with the low quality of the coating. Modern avionics makes it possible to fit the machine in bad weather and at night. The aircraft is designed Antonov Kiev. Antonov, the program involves the production plant "AVIANT" in Ukraine and "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company" in Russia.

AN-158 — regional jet aircraft designed to carry up to 99 passengers up to 3,000 kilometers. It is designed on the basis of regional jet aircraft An-148.

Serial production of the An-158 deployed at the production plant Antonov. Currently in the shops of the enterprise in various stages of completion — seven of these machines. In co-operation for the production of the An-158 is attended by over 200 companies from 15 countries.

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