An-148 came on the route St. Petersburg — Vienna

February 7th STC "Russia" for the first time made the flight to Vienna on the latest short-haul aircraft An-148. Geography of these aircraft thus reached 33 destinations, including 19 cities in the Russian Federation, 14 destinations in Europe and the CIS.

The Russian-Ukrainian An-148 flies on the lines of the airline "Russia" from December 2009. The first European flight to Berlin in March 2011. Currently, the park of "Airline" Russia "six aircraft An-148-100B, the total flight time of more than 25,000 hours. This indicator is one of the best for the class and regional aircraft, including aircraft for this type of world's largest aircraft manufacturers.

In 2011, the regular audit IOSA, successfully passed the airline confirmed the compliance of the An-148 operational safety standards of the International Air Transport Association, along with the rest of the exploited types of aircraft.

"Today, the An-148 is fully confirmed his appointment and effectively operated as a carrier for domestic flights and international flights. We are consistently expanding network of flights of the aircraft in 2012 and plan to actively use it to make flights to European destinations. Comfort, modern facilities and seating capacity of the An-148 make it optimal for flight on short-and medium-range routes. Now it will be able to appreciate and passengers line St. Petersburg — Vienna "- said Deputy General Director for Commerce airline" Russia, "Dmitry E. Zvonarev.

An-148-100B — a regional jet passenger aircraft developed by Ukrainian and Russian designers. For "Airline" Russian "aircraft produced in Russia" Voronezh Aircraft Construction Company "in the arrangement of 68 seats (8 business 60 economy). Range is 3.5 thousand kilometers, cruising speed — 800 — 870 kilometers per hour.

A feature of this type of aircraft is a high-mounted engine, which allows the aircraft to take off and land even on unpaved airfields. Modern avionics makes it possible to fit the machine in bad weather and at night.

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