AN-148 — for the Angara

March 26, 2012 between the leasing company "Ilyushin Finance Co.." And Voronezh Aircraft Construction Company (a subsidiary of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation") is entered into a firm contract for the supply of three new regional passenger aircraft An-148-100E, which will be transferred into operation in the Irkutsk airline "Angara". The preliminary agreement for the supply of "Angara" in leases of ten An-148-100E (five in the firm order and five — option) was signed in Irkutsk, November 10, 2011 It is between the leasing company IFC, the airline "Angara" and management company, "Eastland" (tourist holding, the main shareholder of "Angara") pursuant to orders of the President of Russia and Prime Minister of Russia on the development of regional and local air transportation and urgent action to modernize its fleet of regional jets.

Firm contract between the "Angara" and IFC for the delivery of the first three financial leasing AN-148 must be signed shortly after the final approval of all financial aspects of the transaction involving the leasing subsidy payments from the federal and regional budgets.

Airline "Angara" is one of the major air carriers on domestic airlines in Eastern Siberia. It currently operates scheduled passenger flights on the Irkutsk region and other regions of the Siberian Federal District, as well as charter flights to Russia. With a fleet of five turboprop An-24RV, one AN-24B and two AN-26-100, and three An-2 and 12 Mi-8T, it carries about 130 passenger flights per week from Irkutsk to Bodaybo Kirensk Mom Erbogachen, Yakutsk, Lenski, Olekminsk, Novosibirsk, Chita, Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk, including. socially relevant flights to Tofalaria, Katanga, Cyrene and Kazachinsko-Lena areas. In addition, it provides a large amount of work for the Irkutsk Center for Disaster Medicine and Irkutsk aviation base of forest protection. In 2011, the airline "Angara" carried more than 106 million passengers and more than 1,100 tons of cargo and mail (growth, compared to 2010, 4% and 12.7%, respectively), following the 1714 flights.

Admission to the park, "Angara" AN-148 allow the airline to expand its route network and use the new aircraft for the substantial development of regional scheduled air traffic, including on flights to Yakutsk, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk. According to the director Anatoly Yurtaeva airlines, thanks to the residents of the Irkutsk region will be able to fly more often at lower cost and without the tedious transplants. In addition, the range of An-148-100E will allow "Angara" arrange flights from Irkutsk to South-East Asia — such plans sounded airline management, which will give a significant boost to the development of the tourism industry in the region.

Explaining the reasons for choosing the An-148 to fleet renewal, "Angara", Anatoly Yurtaev notes the advantages to foreign aircraft "Regionals", which became in recent years in ever larger quantities to enter the domestic airlines, as the fitness for use in difficult Siberian conditions — for example, the possibility of fly from unpaved strips and operate at very low ambient temperatures. As an example, Mr. Yurtaev the following data: used for "sensitive" avionics Franco-Italian ATR-42 can not be operated from short and unpaved runways available in Kirenske, Bodaybo and Erbogachene where flies "Angara" and the extreme cold of the northern districts of Yakutia Angara and not let you fly back to Canadian CRJ-200. These advantages of the An-148, according to Anatoly Yurtaeva, proved decisive for the "Angara", a significant number of flights which takes place on the remote areas of the Irkutsk region.

Signed in November 2011, the agreement provides for the delivery of the first of three An-148-100E in the first half of this year and two more — in 2013 five more aircraft, in the case of transfer of an option in a firm contract, expected to be commissioned before the end of 2014

It is expected that the first aircraft to "Angara" will be already built and passed factory tests in Voronezh, the An-148-100E № 41-07, first flew on October 4, 2011 This aircraft, received at the time of the test board number 61711, was built on VACO to order the leasing company "Sberbank-Leasing" for airlines 'flight' and was to be the third in the park this carrier. However, due to financial difficulties airlines have received in the past year, two An-148-100E on the existing contract for ten of the aircraft, which has already received some time ago livery "Flight", still has not delivered to the carrier. Probably the two leasing companies reached an agreement on the transfer of the machine IFC, which in future, as the appearance of the "flight" ability to pay the lease payments for the following aircraft give way to one of the slots allocated to it by VASO "Sberbank-Leasing".

The second board "Angara" should be rolled out recently by building the new An-148-100E № 41-10. This aircraft, tail number 61713 made its first flight in Voronezh March 22 and is currently completing factory tests. The third flight on the current contract (№ 42-01, will board number 61714) is on the final assembly and testing must be received by the summer.

Aircraft number 61711 and 61713 issued in the standard for "Flight" arrangement for 68 seats (8 seats in business class and 60 — in economy), but the management of "Angara" is interested in a more compact version of the cabin, with a reduced to one row of business class (ie a total of 74 seats, including 70 — in the "economy"). With this revision, if a decision is taken, in the case of rapid signing of the contract between the IFC and the "Angara" and the necessary budgetary funds to subsidize the lease payments, the first An-148-100E can be delivered to the carrier in April and May this year, and the second — in June and July. Until the end of the summer, "Angara" is scheduled to deliver a third board.

It is worth noting that the first group of pilots, "Angara" of ten persons to the end of March, has already completed retraining for a new type of aircraft for them to open in December in the S7 Training Center near Moscow Domodedovo training complex crew training AN-148. It shall, in particular, includes the latest integrated flight simulator An-148, designed and built by order of IFC Petersburg company "Transas" (see "The Rise» № 1-2/2012, p. 48-51). As stated in this regard by the airline, "training was carried out on the latest integrated simulators An-148, which meet all international standards and allow to cook without flight crew training flights on the real aircraft."

Currently, the VACO in storage are two more finished and tested the An-148-100E (№ 41-01 and 41-09) made in the export variant, the so-called English-speaking cabin. The first of them, having registration number 61707, was flight tested on November 22, 2010, and the second, № 61712, which became the "backup" lost in March last year in a crash in a training flight the aircraft № 41-03 (№ 61708), — November 22, 2011 Apparently, the Myanmar Ministry of Defence has already lost interest in their preparation, and now UAC searches for other interested customers for these two cars.

In addition, currently implements two VASO public contract for the supply of two An-148-100EM Ministry of Emergency Situations (signed November 13, 2010) and two 148-100s to the Office of the President of Russia (signed on December 5,
2011 ). It is planned that all four cars will be built and delivered to customers by the end of this year. The first An-148-100EM (№ 42-02) and the first An-148-100E (№ 42-03) are already on the final assembly and can be put into use in aviation and Emergency SLO "Russia" in the fall.

Held on 28 March, the Board of Directors approved a plan to VASO production enterprises in 2012-2014. It provides for the production and delivery to customers within three years 21 An-148 aircraft (including seven — in 2012) and four Il-96. In this case, the complexity of the production of the An-148 for 2014 should be reduced by 25%.

To date, the VACO made 13 production aircraft An-148, eight of which are in commercial operation (six An-148-100B airline "Russia" and two An-148-100E at the airline "Flight"). In the framework of the existing firm contracts for today will supply an additional 15 aircraft. In addition, according to official figures UAC is currently being negotiated with a number of customers for the supply of two dozen cars.

For additional firm orders VASO ready to increase its production program and provide additional slots for the supply of aircraft as early as 2013 Growth portfolio firm orders for the aircraft An-148 will provide a stable load VASO production for the near future, according to a press release on the occasion of the KLA a new contract with IFC.



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