An-148 has reached a level of profitability

The maximum daily flying regional Russian-Ukrainian An-148 aircraft in the airline "Russia" in February of this year was 18 hours, spoke to held on Monday, March 12, the board of director general of the Federal Air Transport Agency Airlines Sergei Belov, writes

Average monthly flying aircraft of this type reached 309 hours. Belov expressed confidence that the carrier operated AN-148 can safely reach 4000 hours of flying per year.

These results show that the "Russian" — the first national operator of the An-148 — unable to cope with the "childhood diseases" of this type of aircraft and aircraft to bring a break-even level of operation. In the summer of 2011 the deputy head Mikhail Minaev airline said that cost-An-148 is a raid 300 hours per month.

"Russia" won the first An-148-100B at the end of 2009, now in its park of six such aircraft. In addition to the airline in Russia two An-148-100E ekpluatiruet airline "flight".

An-148 is designed to carry 68-85 passengers in the range of 2000-4400 km. The aircraft is equipped with engine D-436-148 developed by SE "Ivchenko-Progress" and the production of JSC "Motor Sich" (both — Kiev). According to the developer of aircraft — "Antonov" — in total in Russia and Ukraine today operates 11 An-148.

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